What Not To Miss In Vienna: Concerts At The Schönbrunn Palace


My second visit to Vienna was earlier this year for a work trip. Since my first visit to Vienna was only a day long, my short taste of the city left me longing for more. I was in Vienna for nine days during my second trip, which left much more time to explore the city, try more foods (like sachertorte!), and learn more about the culture.

Vienna is not only the capital of Austria; it is the capital of music. With the likes of Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven hailing from the city, it is no wonder that there are plenty of ways to partake in listening to classical music. While going to the opera house is a popular option (who can beat standing-room-only tickets for only a few euros?!) I'd definitely recommend a concert at the Schönbrunn Palace.

Dancers at the concert. Picture from stage in audition-direction.

Our large group had a private concert one July evening at the Orangery inside the palace. Before heading in, we took some time to wander around the grounds and gardens. Once we were inside, we took our seats to watch the show. To be completely honest, I was expecting good classical music but not much more than that - but I was completely blown away by how entertaining the show was! The music wasn't just good, it was incredible. And there were singers and ballerinas that accompanied some songs, which made it even more entertaining. The musicians had great stage presence and some were a little goofy to add to the humor of the show. The end felt like it came too quick, and as we were giving our applause, I didn't want it to be over. It really was that good.

They don't allow photos or video of the concert, so I don't have any personal ones (the ones on this post are from around the web). I'm hoping my memories will suffice enough until I get a chance to head back to Vienna and go to another one of these concerts.


Classical Concerts at the Orangery, Schönbrunn Palace

Show: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Strauss Familie

Prices: Between 39-119 euros per ticket, depending on seat and time of year

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