Visiting Macau as a Day Trip From Hong Kong

Visiting Macau as a Day Trip From Hong Kong

Macau is a unique treasure in Asia that you may have never heard of, but should definitely visit at least once in your life.

It's like a European piece of Asia, mixed with Portugal, a little bit of Las Vegas, and...egg tarts.

Oh, the egg tarts. So delicious. :)

I'm also pretty sure this is the only place in the world where you'll find signs written in both Chinese and Portuguese. It's pretty trippy at first glance, haha.

With ferries leaving about every half hour from Hong Kong, and the ferry ride only one hour each way, it's a quick & easy day trip. 

Read on for my day trip guide to Macau & tips on the logistics of getting there from Hong Kong (hint: it's pretty simple!)

The Luxury Villa Experience in Bali

The Luxury Villa Experience in Bali

Bali suits any type of traveler - from the adventurous to the spa-fanatic to those looking for a party, and anything in between.

Bali is fairly inexpensive by western standards, which is another reason you’ll see travelers from all over the globe on the island. 

When your money goes far in a country, you may want to consider upgrading your typical hostel or hotel for something a little different…like a villa!

Grab a group of friends or your family and enjoy your own home, private pool, and staff when you indulge in the villa life.

One-Day Layover in Singapore: Things To Do

One-Day Layover in Singapore: Things To Do

I wasn't planning to head to Singapore during my Asia/Pacific trip this year, but when one of the best flight deals from Bali to Krabi, Thailand flew through Singapore...with a long layover...I had to take advantage of the opportunity!

I was there for about another twelve hours or so, as I left at 11 am the next morning for my flight to Thailand.

With limited time on the mind, I squeezed in the couple of things I always try to do when I'm exploring a new city: find a high viewpoint and have a good meal!

Hiking a Volcano in Bali: Mt. Batur!

Hiking a Volcano in Bali: Mt. Batur!

Roosters crowing at 3:30 am, peering up at a pitch black sky sprinkled with stars, and trekking up a volcano...this only begins to describe the incredible experience we had on our Mount Batur sunrise hike with Bali Hiking.

You know you're in Bali when you've driven through bumpy, windy roads, the thick, humid air covers your skin, and you have to remain alert so monkeys don't steal your food.

And you absolutely love it - all of it. Because that is just part of what makes Bali Bali.

Our morning with Bali Hiking and the Pangea Dreams crew was spectacular, and while we may have been half asleep at the beginning, hiking Mount Batur was entirely worth it.

It is something I'll never forget, and I promise you wouldn't either!

Read on to get an inside look at the entire Mount Batur volcano hike experience with Bali Hiking and some additional tips at the end!