Helpful Articles To Prep For Your Study Abroad


Krka waterfalls swimming If you're going abroad this fall semester (or perhaps have recently arrived), you're likely to be excited about your abroad city, meeting new people, and traveling to exotic destinations every weekend. There is a lot of excitement about being abroad and adjusting to your fabulous new life. Here are a few articles that may help you prep/adjust for your study abroad experience:

When you're traveling constantly, transportation can really add up. Make sure to check out these websites and budget airlines to get the best deals!

Where To Find Cheap Flights

A month or two in, your may just want a quiet night at home to relax and watch some TV. Even though sites like Netflix and Hulu aren't available in other parts of the world, there are ways around that. Here's how:

How To Access Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu in Foreign Countries

You'll likely be traveling often, and a reality that comes with being a tourist are the tourist scams. Scams can differ from city to city so make sure you read up on the typical scams beforehand.

Avoid Tourist Scams With This Helpful Infographic

Another helpful graphic - tipping culture around the world. What and when to tip:

This Infographic Explains Tipping Culture Around The World