5 Ways To Beat the Blahs of Living Abroad


- Living abroad can be an amazing experience. And in most cases, it totally is! Though whether you're studying abroad, working abroad, or staying in a home base in a foreign city, sometimes after a while your excitement for where you live can dwindle after some time. Maybe you're saving your money to travel in a few weeks. Maybe you can't get time off from your job overseas to take a short trip. Maybe you're a little homesick during your study abroad.

Whatever the case, re-spark your excitement for your city with these five tips!

1. Be a tourist in your own city

It's easy to not be a tourist in your own city when you actually live there. (Speaking from experience: I still haven't climbed the Duomo in Florence, and I've both lived and studied abroad there). Many cities have plenty of of attractions for visitors, so try to play tourist in your own city to shake things up.

2. Take a day trip

Get out of your city, if even only for a day. Look into what towns are nearby and the things you can do. Exploring something new will be refreshing and will be a welcome break from where you currently are.

3. Go out to eat or drink somewhere new

A meal, wine tasting, brewery tour, whatever - try something that's different from what you normally do. Take a night off from cooking your own dinner and go out with friends. Laugh, enjoy, and have fun!

4. Do some research about your city

Maybe you'll find some interesting facts about that seemingly uninteresting building you walk by every day. Or you'll learn about some cool place you hadn't known - go see it in person, while you have the chance.

5. Switch up your routine

Take a different route to work. Take a walk to a part of the city you don't spend much time in. Try a different cafe for your daily espresso. Chances are you'll find new hidden gems along the way and you might even favor this new routine more than your regular one!