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Why You Should Keep a Travel Journal When You Study Abroad

Why You Should Keep a Travel Journal When You Study Abroad

Most internet lists about traveling are along the lines of, "10 things you must do when you're in [insert city here]." Those lists are helpful to anyone about to head out on a trip, but a "must-do" that is often left out is documenting your travels - with more than just posing for a few quick snaps along the way.

Memories fade. No matter how vivid last week's day trip is in your mind right now, it will undoubtedly diminish in your head over time. You may remember the main points, but having a record of the details will bring you back. For example, maybe you visited a winery in Tuscany while you were abroad. The wine was good, and you remember the area being kind of pretty...?

"Backpacking Turkey" Video Will Put Turkey On Your Bucket List


Backpacking Turkey My Travel Movie Screenshot "Backpacking Turkey My Travel Movie" by Adam Graf documents his time making his way through different regions. This video is beautifully done and definitely inspirational - after watching this I can almost guarantee Turkey will make its way onto your bucket list.

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7 Things Travelers Always Need To Explain To Others


Traveling is one of the most thrilling things we can do with our lives. Some people don't get it, but we do. Rooftop Midtown1. Experiences > Things

If we had to choose between an enormous mansion complete with a butler and a designer wardrobe versus a life of traveling everywhere to exotic places, we'd choose the latter every time.

Life gets boring when you spend all your money on material things that lose their excitement easily. Actually living and creating memories last forever.

Galata Tower from Topkapi Palace

2. We're always planning the next trip.

...even if we're on our current one. There are so many places to see in the world and so little time on this earth to explore it.

Perugia, Umbria, Italy

3. We want to go everywhere.

Some travelers make it their life goal to see every country in the entire world. Even if that's not a goal for everyone, you can bet destinations that aren't on the list for your average person are on ours: Romania? Yes! Malta? Absolutely! Namibia? That would be awesome. Mongolia? Why not!

The Beautiful Amalfi Coast, Italy

4. If we're not traveling, we're daydreaming about it.

Whether it comes in the form of reading travel books or "exploring" somewhere via Google Street View, it's always on our minds. We constantly talk about travel and the cool places we've been and want to go - to the point where it slightly annoys our friends.

Lemon groves Sorrento

5. We've learned so much through traveling.

Travel has allowed us to learn so much more than by simply reading a book or hearing about someone else's tales. We experience different places firsthand. We interact with people from other cultures in person. This is perhaps the best way to know the world. And every time we are able to bring back that learning and let it change us.

Beijing Meal

6. Eating different cuisines at restaurants will never be the same after eating it in its original country.

I love all the different cuisine options you can find in America. But Panda Express does not cut it - in fact, I don't think I'd ever be able to eat it again - after trying the real stuff in China. Same goes for Olive Garden which passes off as "Italian." When you've eaten the real deal, the Americanized versions just don't do it justice.


7. We encourage those with travel dreams to take the plunge.

Spread the travel love! It's a big, big world out there, and an incredible one at that. No matter how you do it, no matter where you go - it will be worth it. Trust us. Maybe there's that one place (or five) you can't stop dreaming about and it's time to throw out the excuses...if you never go, you'll never know.

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10 Beautiful & Inspiring Coffee Table Books To Feed Your Wanderlust

If you're not traveling, the best way to get a dose of it is to feed your wanderlust. While we all know that there is no cure for the inevitable travel bug, we must look at pictures about travel, read about travel, talk about travel - something to satiate that desire until we're on the road again. We've covered 11 books for travelers, which are mostly novels or Kindle-reads that are sure to inspire. Though sometimes we need a more visual combination of stunning photos with accompanying stories to take us away, even if only in a daydream.

Coffee Table Travel Books

1. Provence and the Cote d'Azur: Discover the Spirit of the South of France

The beauty of both the beach and the countryside of this amazing region in Southern France.

Learn more here.

2. Great Retreats Yoga

Breathtaking locations for yoga retreats around the world.

Learn more here.

3. Conde Nast Traveler, 25 Years of Photographs

Travel in time with the world renowned magazine Conde Nast Traveler in this celebratory collection of their best travel photographs.

Learn more here.

4. New York Rooftop Gardens

Take a refreshing and much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of New York City's "concrete jungle" with its own hidden sanctuaries - rooftop gardens.

Learn more here.

5. Gypset Travel

Escape to a "glamorous but casual lifestyle" in off-the-beaten-path destinations around the world.

Learn more here.

6. See San Francisco

America's classic west coast city.

Learn more here.

7. One Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns in Italy

Rome and Milan are fantastic, but you'll really get to know every one of Italy's regions with this book, covering the varied scenery of 101 charming small towns as well as the artistic and culinary aspects, too.

Learn more here.

8. Poolside with Slim Aarons

Take a break for a quick dip in the pool - no need for a real life pool when you can lust over these oases around the world, especially those frequented by stars and socialites.

Learn more here.

9. In the Spirit of Palm Beach

See Palm Beach's signature style in this stunning collection of photographs at one of the favorite destinations for jet-setting snowbirds.

Learn more here.

10. Places To Go, People To See

This was featured in 11 Books For Travelers and it's too good not to mention here. Think Kate Spade's fun, bright aesthetic with both vintage and modern photographs around the world.

Learn more here.

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