May - August 2018 Roundup on Go Seek Explore

May - August 2018 Roundup on Go Seek Explore

Self-reflection and Content Roundup on Go Seek Explore / View from the Top of the Rock, New York / / ally archer / top-of-rock-view-new-york-rockefeller

Since Go Seek Explore expands on other platforms aside from this website, I thought I'd put together a roundup of all the happenings and content I'm sharing both on and off the blog!

I started these roundups earlier this year with March and April 2018, but then life got extremely busy with work + travel so I decided to take a break from these this summer.

I wanted to bring this back and go over the past few months, since it was a long and crazy summer and I thought you may find it helpful or inspiring.

There is also a challenge for YOU at the end of this post - you don't want to miss it!

Summer 2018 Roundup on Go Seek Explore

Where I've Traveled

San Diego, California (Home!)

Malibu, California

Mexico City, Mexico

Newport Beach, California

Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut

New York City

Silicon Valley, California

Los Angeles, California

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Instagram Posts

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I also hit 10,000 followers on Instagram on my birthday this year! Can I get a "HELL YEAH?!" HELL YEAH!

As always, thank YOU for following and if you're new, WELCOME!

Just arrived in Mexico City! I hadn’t really considered CDMX, but when my friend @espringer9 wanted to go, I couldn’t resist! And so far? I’m beyond happy to be here and excited to continue exploring this week. —— Here’s what we got up to today: • Walked around centro historico & ate breakfast at one of the cutest cafes + I had a short conference meeting • walk toward Chapultepec Park, saw Monumento a la Revolución so we walked up • decided to get tickets to go up to the very top - going up to a high viewpoint is one of my favorite things to do while traveling! • stopped at a Starbucks for another meeting and to get some work done over WiFi • got city bikes and biked to the park • apparently the park closes on Mondays (#facepalm) so the guard let us pass through as long as we didn’t go off the main path - it was almost empty! • biked to the Roma Norte neighborhood; dropped off the bikes • walked through some boutiques • got coffee at the cutest place (we were exhausted!) and then dinner #tacosalpastor 😍🌮 • home + finishing work + a failed attempt at live streaming tongiht’s episode of The Bachelorette 😂 —- First impressions: some of the nicest and friendliest Uber drivers I’ve had, friendly people in general, amaaaazing restaurants (Mexico City is often said to be one of the food capitals of the world), clean, high energy...anddd more that I am probably forgetting through the exhaustion that comes with the excitement of travel 😌 —— #mexicocity #cdmx🇲🇽 #mexicocityofficial #workandtravel #goseekexplore

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✈️ how to stay healthy while traveling: 3 quick tips! —- 1️⃣ Walk everywhere 👟 you probably already do this, but it is worth noting! #RealTalk: way back when I studied abroad in Europe in college, I was SO nervous I wouldn’t have time to go to the gym. In the US, our culture is very driving-oriented (outside most big cities) and to stay fit, you have to make the gym or some sort of activity part of your daily routine. Spoiler alert: I went to the gym a total of 2x during my 6 weeks abroad and hardly use a gym when I travel now. 😂 Traveling often includes a LOT of walking and adventuring. So simply by going out and about, you’re likely staying pretty active already. —- 2️⃣ Bring healthy snacks 🥕 Unfortunately you can’t bring produce like veggies and fruit through international customs, so I like to travel with natural or paleo-friendly snacks - especially for the airport, which tends to have more processed (and overpriced!) snack choices and candy. @lesserevilsnacks just came out with new #Paleo Puffs and they’re perfect for travel days & other outdoor activities like going to the beach. ___ 3️⃣ Morning yoga + meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ whether it’s a quick flow or a full routine, I open up a yoga video on YouTube and try to get in at least a few minutes in the morning. Not only does it stretch and ease sore muscles from all the walking and adventuring (not to mention long flights or train rides!), it centers my mind at the beginning of a busy travel day. —- How do you stay healthy when you travel?! — #ExploreLE, #IngredientsMeanEverything, #LesserEvil, # sp #pacificbeach #sandiegoliving #paleolifestyle

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That's it for the roundup!

My Challenge For You for These Next Few Months

It's funny, I was thinking I didn't travel "that much" this summer since I only went to one international destination and spent an entire month teaching at Yale.

In reality, I visited many amazing destinations all over California, saw plenty of family and friends, spent time at home (and I LOVE where I live), got to teach at Yale, took two trips to NYC while I was on the east coast, and went to Mexico City for the first time.

Self-reflection is so important - it helps you realize how much you actually do day in and day out. Like I always say, start small. Take one baby step every day as that is guaranteed to get you closer to your goals. It might not feel like much every day, but you may surprised by how far you've come when you look back.

Now that it's almost September (uhh, what?!) I challenge you to continue working toward both your travel related and non-travel related goals this season.

What steps can you take to move forward? Where will you be a few months from now?

Thank you

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being here and for your support.

Ultimately, thank YOU for going after your goals and spreading positivity. The more people who take action aligned with their goals, the more The Ripple Effect will spread to others who are inspired to do the same. CHEERS :)