10 Signs you Need to Travel again, ASAP

10 Signs you Need to Travel again, ASAP

10 Signs You Need to Travel Again...ASAP! Yeah, all of you with wanderlust, here's your permission to book that next trip. // goseekexplore.com // 10-signs-need-to-travel-again-asap
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This post is for those of you who just returned from summer travels and just can't even.

Or those of you who opened up your Instagram and saw your latest travel post was from, like, eight months ago and it doesn't even fully count since it was from seeing your grandma at Christmas.

Basically, this post is for anyone dealing with major wanderlust, post-travel blues, or simply needs extra convincing to book their next trip.

Here are 10 signs you need to travel again, ASAP:

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1. You still haven’t changed your watch back to local time.

Yeah, I’ll need to check my phone to tell you what time it is, since my watch is still on Bali time from my trip 3 months ago.

2. Your email is filled with price alerts for various flight routes all over the world.

I haven't booked anything, but at least I have flight options for all 72 of my potential trips.

3. When you look at a map, you start to zone out, whether it’s because you’re counting the countries you’ve been to or are planning your next multi-country trip.

This is the best form of procrastination 😍✈️

4. You scroll through your camera roll with nostalgia.

The "Places" album on your iPhone is dangerous...

5. Your wardrobe and house are filled with items from around the world.

Where is this outfit from? Well, the shoes are from a custom shop in southern Italy, this dress is from a boutique in Bali, and this jacket is from Berlin like three years ago...

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6. You immediately have 79 open tabs learning how to fly for free with "travel hacking" after hearing a travel blogger talk about it.

Spare your browser window (and your wallet). This guy's video explains what travel hacking is in a quick, simple way >>>

7. You haven't fully unpacked from your last trip.

Unpacking means being home is real. And you're not ready for that yet. Or maybe it's because you're just not ready to do 24314 loads of laundry.

8. When you’re not traveling, you’re later-gramming pics from previous travels.

And this sometimes confuses your friends.

I’ve gotten the “Woah, I thought you were in Europe” line a few times showing up to parties back home...and I haven't been to Europe in over two years.

9. You find yourself flipping through your passport, looking for a higher ratio of stamps to blank pages.

Fill my entire passport? Challenge accepted.

10. You're browsing travel blogs like this one, planning your next getaway.

Whether it's finding a job that pays you to travel, or a quick trip to Europe or Asia (okay - anywhere), travel content on the internet is the only thing keeping you moving today.


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