5 More Unique Ways To Travel & Work Abroad

5 More Unique Ways To Work & Travel Abroad

5 More Unique Ways to Work and Travel Abroad - goseekexplore.com

Want to know how you can travel and work abroad outside the typical suggestions (teaching English, working at a hostel, etc.)? You're in the right place.

There's a chance you stumbled across this blog by finding one of my more popular posts, The Ultimate List of Jobs That Pay You To Travel, or through my free guide on getting paid to travel.

It's been a minute since the post and guide have gone live. While they're both still relevant today, I thought I'd add in a few more unique work + travel opportunities I've come across lately!

Here are some more unique ways that help you travel either by having your expenses covered and/or working abroad that I've come across recently:

5 More Unique Ways to Work + Travel Abroad - travel jobs and opportunities you probably haven't thought of plus some tips on working abroad! / goseekepxlore.com / 5-ways-travel-work-abroad

1. Travel/Work Exchange

5 More Unique Ways to Work and Travel Abroad - goseekexplore.com

You may be familiar with sites like WorkAway.info or WWOOF, where you work part-time in exchange for housing and sometimes food.

I recently found out about a similar site called Jurni, which is a live/work exchange site started by the creator of Finding Bohemia.

I'll admit I haven't done Work Away personally (though a few of my friends have), so it might be nice to check out both sites as Jurni also offers options to work in exchange for housing.

2. Create and Sell Stock Video

5 More Unique Ways to Work and Travel Abroad - goseekexplore.com

Recently I watched Chris Hau's YouTube video on how to make money with stock video. If you create videos for work or for fun, creating and selling stock video could potentially be an easy way to earn money, even if only on the side to start.

While there are quite a few stock photo and video sites on the internet, Chris explains how the stock video site Blackbox works and how it could be an income stream for casual videographers or serious digital nomads.

3. Create and Lead a Group Tour

5 More Unique Ways to Work and Travel Abroad - goseekexplore.com

Tour guiding jobs (especially the type I did when I was based in Italy) can be extremely competitive. It's not surprising, though - when your job is to literally travel and take a group of likeminded people to new cities or countries, it can be an awesome gig.

I just found out about TrovaTrip on Instagram and they seem like a really cool company. The tours are unique - think Italy food tour, Portugal branding tour - and you can even apply to create and host your own tour.

Host a private group tour, get at least eight people to book, and your spot is covered.

If you're hosting a trip, it's likely that you have a decent following on social media so you can get the minimum number of bookings.

Though if you have friends and followers that are keen to join a tour led by you, it can be a great way to connect with others on that level.

Plus, travel planning and leadership experience are always great for the resume (and life in general).

4. Party Sailing with Friends

5 More Unique Ways to Work and Travel Abroad - goseekexplore.com

The Ocean Week (similar to The Yacht Week but in Portugal), reached out to me earlier this year with their blogger promotion: get six friends to book your boat and your spot is covered (minus airfare and other expenses, etc.) I considered this but I'll be working + traveling all of July and part of August, so the dates don't work.

I honestly am not sure if you actually have to be a blogger to qualify. I think anyone can do this. I'd also check with them to see if they're still doing that promotion before rounding up your friends to book.

But hey, if your "work" is doing the "sales" part, your friends are actually down to do this and pay for it, and you all want to sail and party around Portugal this summer...then why not?

5. Housesitting (with pets!)

5 More Unique Ways to Work and Travel Abroad - goseekexplore.com

Traveling while working certain jobs can be fun, but what if you simply want some of your travel expenses covered so your trip is less "work" and more play?

One way to significantly slash your travel expenses is to get your housing covered. What better way to do this than through housesitting?

TrustedHouseSitters seems great for those looking for more space, a home-y feel, and to take care of pets while traveling.


Remember, a "work + travel lifestyle" is where you make money and/or have amenities covered in exchange for work. Take a look at your budget, preferences, goals, and determine if these opportunities align with what you're looking for.

Important factors to consider with these five work + travel opportunities:

  • You may find that while you may not get a paycheck for these particular opportunities, your travel expenses are significantly lower because of the work you are doing.

  • These are short-term work + travel opportunities - you want to be sure you have savings or another job or business otherwise in order to support yourself.

  • If you prefer long-term or open-ended work + travel opportunities, and/or need to get paid on top of the work, check out the original ultimate list if you haven't already!

Not sure which type of work + travel opportunity is right for you?

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