April 2018 Roundup on Go Seek Explore

April 2018 Roundup on Go Seek Explore

North Park / April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com

Since Go Seek Explore expands on other platforms aside from this website, I thought I'd put together a monthly roundup of the happenings and content I'm sharing both on and off the blog!

Here are the goings-on from April 2018:

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5 Things I've Learned from 5 Years of Living a Work + Travel Lifestyle

Bali-Villa-Canggu. / April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com
airplane / April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com
Amalfi-Italy / April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com
create-online-quiz / April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com
April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com
Australia-Travel-Vlog-Sydney-Opera-House / April 2018 roundup on goseekexplore.com


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You are R A D I A N T ☀️ Happy Easter from California! 🐰

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growing up, I never thought I’d be someone who traveled outside the country, let alone Asia. [obvious spoiler alert: I made it to Asia; you can see the Great Wall of China in this photo!] . I’d see these faraway places in school textbooks or movies but it never crossed my mind to actually GO to such places...until I studied abroad in Italy in college. . The six weeks spent abroad was one of the most pivotal times in my life for many reasons. I knew I wanted to travel again and again and see more of Europe. . After graduation I worked an international conference in DC and NYC where students from 40+ countries attended. Immediately my “bucket list” expanded, as I had to experience firsthand where these bright, young, intelligent students came from. 🌏 . When summer was over I moved to Italy to work for a travel company for six months. The following summer I went back to Europe for work, then China, then Europe again, and a few more cities in the US. . I had a full-time 8-5 office job that I left in pursuit of moving to Southern California - a place my soul yearned to be - and started working for myself online. . From there, I planned a big solo trip across Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, working online as I traveled and made friends from around the world. 😌 . If you’ve never thought of traveling the world, this is my PSA for you to at least look into it. . Don’t think you’re too young, too old, too “whatever.” Don’t think you’re not “someone who would travel.” Don’t think it isn’t possible. It’s a lofty goal, but it IS possible. And you ARE capable of making your travel dreams a reality. . If working abroad sounds interesting to you, check out the link in my profile. I have a free guide + email series that thousands of people have gone through that explains the process of working abroad and what’s out there. There’s also a link in there with a series on how to get free flights. . My goal isn’t just to travel to six continents in my 20s; it is also to inspire those to take the leap to travel and live the “work + travel lifestyle” of their dreams. Make sure to check the free info in my bio link and feel free to DM me with questions. Much love 💛✈️

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The video (so many clicks!) was "Making an Anthem Out of Sounds" by Dan Mace - I highly recommend this one! It's so good.


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