How To Get Free Flights

How To Get Free Flights

How To Get Free Flights //

Last year I flew to Bali from California for free with $5.60 USD in taxes. (About 25 hours of travel).

Then I flew from Hong Kong to New Zealand for free with about $35 in taxes. (An 11-hour flight from Asia to Oceania).

Then I flew from Sydney to California for free with about $62 in taxes. (A 14-hour flight across hemispheres (!) from Australia to North America).

Three long-haul flights with multiple connections across multiple continents, all for 100 bucks.

Getting from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other for less than what I just paid for an iced coffee at my local Better Buzz (5.90, plus a dollar tip).

But it wasn't always this way.

I remember working in Italy in 2013 and talking to another traveler about how she was about to fly to Thailand for $7 and stay at a 4-star hotel for $20.


Getting free flights is possible. If I've made it work, then I'm betting you can too.


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