You Shouldn't Feel Guilty For Traveling


I've had friends say, "I'm excited to visit you when you move to (insert destination here) because then I'll finally have an excuse to go!" While I'm flattered my friends would take a trip to come visit me, I often wonder why my being there is an excuse to go someplace they've always wanted to go. I do understand that having a friend as an "insider" showing you around is an asset, as well as catching up with your friend. But what really irks me about this statement is the fact that people feel like they need an excuse to travel.

In the US, the culture is generally work-work-work 40+ hours/week to save money for retirement, and when you've retired and "officially earned" a vacation, you take it. Even during paid (or unpaid) vacation weeks throughout the year, some people will only take vacation while feeling the need to justify it in some way. With jobs being scarce these days, constantly overworking yourself often seems like the only way to keep a job and move up with a company. While I don't find anything wrong with working hard or ambition to improve (I definitely value those qualities and personally strive to hold them), I do think it's sad that people feel guilty for traveling when they get time off.

If you have the means and the time to travel, then do it! Even if it's just a weekend away or a few days of your allotted vacation time. Usually the biggest thing holding you back is yourself. Traveling (and even the anticipation of traveling) brings happiness and helps relieve stress. Especially if you're going to a foreign country, you learn so much about yourself and the world. Life is short. If you wait until retirement for a trip you want to take now, you may never do it. Go now while you can.

And don't feel guilty.

Photo: Etsy