8 Majestic Time Lapse Videos of the USA


USA Time lapse videos These amazing time lapse videos capture a whimsical sense of a place by compressing hours worth of footage into a short video. From New York to LA, Chicago to San Francisco, here are eight of America's favorite cities shown through majestic time lapses.

1. Portland, OR

1:23 has got to be the coolest shot, ever.

2. San Francisco, CA (and Dubai, UAE)

The clouds in this video are insane.

3. New York City, NY

Manhattan at night.

4. Dallas, TX

The place where everything is bigger and better.

5. Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful city lights.

6. Chicago, IL

A sunrise in the windy city.

7. Seattle, WA

Beyond gorgeous views, plus cool footage from a Sounders game.

8. Washington, DC

Nighttime in the nation's capital.