How to Plan a Night Out in NYC

How to Plan a Night Out in NYC

A night out in New York City can turn on a dime. First, you’re trying a new pub with friends, then before you know it you’re getting drinks with a handsome stranger at a bar and end the night dancing away to your favorite songs. Some people are planners, others simply go with the flow and see where the night takes them. For those that need a little more of a plan in place, like the perfect Friday night, your sister’s bachelorette party or your vacation, here are some tips to help you plan your evening. The night is always young in New York City!

A Travel Guide To Washington, DC

A Travel Guide To Washington, DC

Washington, DC is more than politics and parties - it is a unique city with plenty to offer for any traveler (and it happens to be one of my favorite cities in the entire world!).

Marvel at the monuments and Smithsonian museums along the National Mall, hit up bars & restaurants for happy hour drinks with locals after work, and don't forget to do brunch on the weekends.

With plenty to do in DC, it's tough to get bored.

Here's your travel guide to Washington, DC!

12 Tips For Visiting the United States For The First Time

12 Tips For Visiting the United States For The First Time

By working for international conferences in Washington, DC and New York City, I've met a ton of high school students who were visiting the US, most for the first time.

"Ally, you didn't tell us they charge you more than what it says on the price tag!" they said. It took me a second to realize they were talking about sales tax. I'm just so used to it; I forgot it would be something the students may not know about.

Here are 12 tips for visiting the United States for the first time:

5 Things To Do In Pacific Beach, San Diego

This isn't just any beach town. With its own flair and attitude, Pacific Beach has a different feel compared to others in Southern California, and this neighborhood is a must during any visit to San Diego. I had been to SD (La Jolla and Coronado) previously when I was younger with family, though it was nice to re-visit the city in my 20s - I have some friends that live there that could show me around, as well as get some beach time in!

5 Things To Do In Pacific Beach, San Diego

San Diego Pacific Beach

San Diego Pacific Beach

1. Beach

Because, obviously. :)

(This was taken on Fourth of July, my friends said it was much more crowded than nomal!)

2. Walk along the pier

Pier San Diego Pacific Beach

Pier San Diego Pacific Beach

Beautiful homes, beautiful views, and people watching (or surfer watching).

3. Grab some fish tacos or an acai bowl

Acai bowl copy

Acai bowl copy

A Southern California classic - quality Mexican food. It is close to the border, after all! Head to Oscar's or, well, pretty much anywhere for a bite. There is no shortage of good Mexican food in San Diego.

You'll also find acai bowls everywhere, from coffee shops to cafes to Mexican restaurants. My favorite was from PB Beach Cafe on Garnet - the agave nectar, coconut flakes, and blackberries set this one far ahead of the rest. I'd even go as much to say it's the best acai bowl I've ever had!

4. Rooftop and beach bars


Spend your Saturday (or any day, we won't judge) having a cold one outdoors. There's an abundance of rooftop lounges and outdoor patios by or near the beach, so you can't go wrong here.

5. Nightlife

Take the casual daytime buzz from the beach bar and head into the night. You'll definitely see people of all ages, especially in their 20s-30s, out and about.

While these things to do could be done in many places, experiencing it in Pacific Beach is simply different - it's cool, relaxed, and unique, in my opinion! 

Headed to San Diego?

Book a place to stay - my all-time favorite booking website is the well-known - I’ve used it for years all over the world.

It is the easiest way to search and find the best hotels (hostels too!), especially based on reviews. I always check the reviews on Booking, even if it’s a name-brand hotel. You never know!

Southwest Skies Before a Storm


While the weather in Phoenix, Arizona tends to be straightforward most of the year - blue skies, sun, and major heat - sometimes storms are thrown into the mix. The storm could be a monsoon, a 10-30 minute downpour that temporarily floods the streets in the summer, a haboob, a thick wall of dust that travels through town, or even just your average rainstorm.

The skies look the coolest during the calm before the storm, especially at sunset. Check out these photos taken right before a thunderstorm and you'll see why.

Southwest Storm 3 Southwest Storm 2 Southwest Storm 4 Southwest Storm Moon before Storm Arizona

Sunsets are also fun to edit. This photo was taken at the same spot, on a different night.

Edited with Mextures app before uploaded to Instagram.

Mextures Edit Arizona Sunset