Travel Because You Want To


Met Life Building New YOrk As usual, I received both positive and negative replies to when I told people I was going to New York for Memorial Day Weekend.

"New York is amazing! You'll have a great time!"

"New York is so expensive. It's a waste of money for just a weekend."

"Good for you! Sounds like fun."

"Really? I would never spend all those hours flying to the other side of the country unless I was going for a longer period of time."

"Take lots of pictures! I want to hear all about it."

"You're not going for work or to visit family? Why would you go somewhere for no particular reason?"

Everyone is going to have an opinion, whether it's good or bad. The only thing that matters is what you want to do. Those slightly negative opinions might make me question my travel decisions, but my answers almost always confirm that I'm doing the right thing, especially when looking back on it.

Did I have a great time in New York? Yes! Was it expensive? Yes! But was it worth it? YES, absolutely!

Gramercy New York

I don't make a fortune by any means with my job, but I do my best to put some money aside every paycheck to put toward something I want to do. I've spent most of my extra money on travel: flights to New York, flights to visit friends... to me, it's worth it.

Everyone has different interests, and investments in "fun" things look different for everyone. Other friends may want to spend money on new designer clothes, a new TV, or bottle service at a club. That's fine! But if you'd rather spend money on travel, it's okay that you spend your money on different things than your friends.

The reason behind this post is to not feel guilty for traveling. If you want to travel, make it happen. Don't let others drag you down - you're not living their life, you're living yours. You don't need any other excuse to travel other than the fact that you want to.