The 10 Best Souvenirs To Buy in Italy


Memories and experiences are more important than things, though when you travel it can be fun to shop around and see what the local specialties are. If you're looking for what souvenirs to buy in Italy, here's what you should get - these are much better than your average refrigerator magnet or key chain.

1. Limoncello

Lemon groves Sorrento

Made in Southern Italy on the Amalfi Coast, this Italian liqueur is a sweet ending to a meal. I've seen it cost much more in the US, so bring a bottle back if you fancy it.

2. Wine

Like pasta, wine in Italy is seriously the best. If you take a bottle home make sure to have it wrapped up in some type of padded wine bag to avoid breakage.

A sip of Italian wine will transport you back to your trip while allowing friends and family to have a taste.

3. Dry pasta

Italian Gnocchi pasta

Even the local bagged pasta from grocery stores is amazing. You'll be having the best pasta while in Italy - and when you get home and compare it to your average grocery store pasta, you'll truly taste how much better the real thing is.

4. Italian or European brand name items

Taxes will be cheaper since they have to ship the items shorter distances, so if you're contemplating buying an Italian or European designer item, it tends to be cheaper than back in your home country. –

For example, my black Longchamp bag (a French brand) from Florence turned out to be less expensive in Italy than it would’ve been if I had bought it in the states.

5. Leather

Leather jacket Italy

One product Italy is known for is leather - you can find markets, shops, and department stores carrying different types of leather clothing and shoes, such as leather jackets or boots, and even accessories like luggage tags or handbags.

It's always high quality and will last a long time - just make sure to take good care of it!

6. Shoes

Italians truly know what quality, comfortable shoes are. My custom-made sandals from Capri and short leather motorcycle boots are not only some of my favorite pairs, they are also far more durable than other shoes on the cobblestone streets.

7. Porcelain

Porcelain Italy

You'll see porcelain ceramics, especially dishes, at shops or markets around Italy. Whether it's a coffee mug or a wine bottle stopper you'll have a piece of Italy back home with you in your kitchen.

8. Glass

Venice is known for its handmade Murano glass and you'll find many shops and stalls selling it - everything from jewelry to decorative figurines.

9. Olive Oil

Why is there yet another food item on this list? Because the food in Italy is just that fantastic! I've always said that Italy is the food capital of Europe, and even if you can find these foods at home it is likely they won't even compare to the real stuff.

So yes, a bottle of silky, smooth olive oil from Italy is definitely worth bringing back.

10. Postcards

Postcards from Lake Como

Postcards make for light souvenir that take up hardly any space. You can send them to your loved ones from abroad or keep them to frame or display at home.

Tuck them inside something like a book or magazine (I usually put paper products in my laptop case) to prevent bending.

Quick tip: Make sure to review your government's website for information on bringing back food items. You wouldn't want to bring back a large quantity of a certain item  only to have it taken away at the airport!