16 Italian Experiences You Need To Have In Italy


Florence Street Cafe

1. Eat gelato on the triangle bridge in Florence

There's something magical about enjoying your gelato while you lean up against the bridge over the Arno River.

2. Drink wine at Piazza Miniato while you watch the sun set

piazza miniato

Take it a step above Piazzale Michaelangelo - literally - in front of the church that sits higher on the hill.

3. Marvel at the famous duomo in each of these cities: Florence, Milan, Siena

Duomo Florence

4. Hike Mt. Vesuvius and visit the ruins of Pompeii


History class just got much more exciting, now that you're seeing it in person.

5. Eat Italian food...obviously

But this list wouldn't be complete without  it. Carbs don't totally count when you're in Italy. ;)

6. Take a train or bus through the Tuscan countryside


Get lost in your thoughts as you stare out the window.

7. Visit the Colosseum in Rome


Perhaps the most iconic structure in Italy, the Colosseum is among many famous, ancient, historical sites that you cannot miss while in the Eternal City.

8. Go on an early morning run along the Tiber River in Rome


Take in the popular sights as the town wakes up: Vatican City, Castelo d'Saint Angelo, and maybe even head over to the Roman Forum and Pantheon. It beats the stagnant view out the gym window on the treadmill back home.

9. Head down to Sicily for a more unique feel for Italy

10. Set sail for the sea and dock at beautiful Italian islands


Elba, Capri, and Sardinia are a few of many Mediterranean musts.

11. Visit Venice during Carnivale (February)

This festival is sure to be worth the trip!

12. Go to Lake Como, a lake in Northern Italy near the Swiss border

Bellagio Lake Como

Not just because George Clooney has a house there.

13. Taste a massive variety of gelato flavors at the Florence Gelato Festival (June)

Everything from red wine gelato to sushi-flavored is served, including original favorites such as ciocolatto, straciatella, and fragola.

14. For another festival to satisfy your sweet tooth, head to Perugia for the annual Chocolate Festival (October)

perugia chocolate festival

If they still play that dreaded "Cioooo--cooo---latte!" theme song on repeat...so help me God...

15. Go wine tasting in Tuscany

Boboli Gardens

Where better to sample wine than in Italy's finest wine region?!

16. Have warm, fresh pastries from a Secret Bakery in Florence


Because Nutella croissants just taste way better at 2 am.