Mediterranean Musts: Elba Island, Italy


why you should visit elba island, italy It's been almost a year since I posted about Elba Island, a small island off Italy's Tuscan coast. I was introduced to the island after only a few days of being in Italy when I studied abroad. After a whirlwind of an opening tour in bustling Rome and our first week of classes in Florence, relaxing beach time was exactly what we needed.

If you're headed to the Mediterranean, I definitely recommend it. We stayed in Cavo, a small town where no one spoke English. It was refreshing after being in Rome where walking through a market means dealing with pushy street salespeople shouting "Hello! I'll give you the best price!"

Quick tip: Cavo and other towns on the northern part of the island have rocky beaches, whereas the southern part of the island has sandy beaches. Keep this in mind if you plan on laying out on the beach.

Elba Island Beach

Seagull Italian Coast

Cavo Italy Cavo Italy from the Ferry Elba Island

Sign Elba Island Elba Island Homes Street Sign Elba Island

Portoferrario, ItlayCavo Elba Island



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