How To Travel For Free, ASAP

How to travel for free, ASAP! 4 Easy tricks to travel for free, and soon!

Everyone wants to travel, but wouldn't it be nice if you could travel for free?

With money on flights and hotels alone, we're talking hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars, if you're traveling in the traditional sense.

...Did you know that traveling for free is actually possible? 

Here's how to hack BOTH your housing and your flights so you can travel for free, and how you can do it ASAP.

How to travel for free in the next 2-3months

(Really, you could do this sooner than that. Tip #4 may potentially take up to 2-3 months, though even so, you'll be traveling by this summer!)

First, think about housing. Instead of spending hundreds on hotel there are actually quite a few ways you can find a place to stay for completely free.

Instead of paying for a hotel, try:

1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a popular website for travelers as you connect with locals all over the world and ask them if you can crash at their place. It's a fun - and free - way to meet and stay with locals around the world.

Set up a profile, then look at other profiles of people (make sure to read their reviews!) in the city you want to travel to. Also look for a photo of their "couch," which could be an actual couch or even a guest bed/bedroom.

Since you're staying with the host for free, make sure to be a courteous guest: clean up after yourself, maybe offer to help cook dinner or buy a round of drinks if you go out. Some people also bring a small gift from their home country! 

2. Housesitting

Housesitting is where you stay at someone's house for free in exchange for looking after it while they are on vacation.

This is especially nice for long-term travelers who want a more home-y feel, and also a kitchen and washer for their clothes.

Sometimes homes have pets you'd look after too - a great option if you're in need for some puppy or kitty love! 🐶🐱

3. Work Away

Work Away (website: is extremely popular for travelers to find work around the world in exchange for free housing, and usually food on days they work.

Typically you work out of someone's house and stay in a guest room, or work at a hostel/boutique resort and stay in a room for free.

The actual work could be anything really; popular ones tend to be babysitting, social media or website work for small businesses, helping with tour operations for companies around the globe (camel tours in the Australian outback, anyone?!), and much more!

And hey, it's a resume booster - you're not only traveling, but also interacting with locals and working on projects!

Instead of paying for flights, try:

4. Travel Hacking

Travel hacking is the strategic usage of credit card sign up bonuses to earn airline miles/points (and yes, it's entirely legal despite the word "hacking").

Look for a credit card with at least a 30,000 point sign-up bonus (I try to find cards with 40,000 or 50,000+) and with a minimum spending requirement that you know you can pay off.

Also, put all of your purchases on the one card (and make sure to pay them off). I rarely use my debit card or cash. Instead I put all my regular spending on the credit card to work toward the sign-up bonus. I've earned over 100,000 bonus points in less than a year by putting my regular spending on two credit cards.

I'm not a super expert on travel hacking, so I highly suggest searching "travel hacking" online as it comes up with a ton of blogs that specifically explain and talk about tips on travel hacking.