4 Ways To Turn "I Can't Travel" Into "I CAN Travel"

I have something free for you today - more info at the end of this post!

But first I want to share something with you...

In college I used to think I "couldn't" travel because I didn't have enough money to afford an international flight.

As much as I wanted and craved and desired travel, I kept saying "I can't travel because ____." I would fill in the blank with money, or time, or some other barrier that was caught up in my head.

This was until one day, as I was nostalgic flipping through old study abroad pictures for the millionth time, something switched.

I became extremely determined.

I knew I HAD to travel. I HAD to make it happen.

No matter what.

Something switched and I tried to come up with a way to travel around the barriers of time, money, a job, etc.

So I decided to look for a travel job.

And then it changed my life.

The barriers were no longer present and there I was, getting paid to travel in Europe, and then in Europe again, and then in Asia.

Despite money (and later despite a full-time job).

That's my story, and I know you've heard it a few times now through these emails.

Now it's time to start your story!

Instead of saying "I can't travel because _____" think "How can I find a way to travel despite _____ ?"

Here are four common "I can't travel because" statements that we're going to turn around with real life examples:

4. Instead of saying, "I can't travel because I have a dog"

>>>> "How can I travel with my dog?"

Check out these two articles on Elite Daily about traveling with a dog:

8 Tips on How to Travel the Globe with your Furry Companion

Guy Takes Amazing Photos of His Dog While Traveling Across the Country

Aww, even if you aren't trying to travel with a pet, those articles are worth looking at for the total puppy cuteness *cue wittle puppy voice* 🐶

I know that traveling with a dog may not be realistic or preferred for everyone who has one. Coming up with arrangements while you're away (hiring someone to house-sit or pet-sit for you), or having a family member take car of your dog, could be options if you aren't going to travel or move abroad with a pup.

3. Instead of saying, "I can't work and travel because I don't have a university degree, who would hire me?"

>>>> "What travel jobs don't require a university degree?" or "Is there a way I can create my own work + travel opportunity?"

There are surprisingly many jobs around the world that do not require a university degree.

This is not to knock a degree - I do work in Admissions for a university, after all 😉 - though you will be able to find many jobs around the world that don't require a degree.

Once you get started on looking up various travel jobs you're interested in, you can check the job descriptions to see if a degree is required. Oftentimes you may find quite a few that don't.

Or, if you are earning sustainable online income through your own business/freelance work, you're your own boss and obviously don't need one!

Still in school? Work + travel on your summer or winter breaks, study abroad, or come up with a plan to work + travel after you graduate.

2. Instead of saying, "I can't travel because I have children"

>>>> "How can I travel with my kids?"

Since I personally don't have children, I'll mainly leave this point's commentary to the experts - parents who travel with children:

Y Travel Blog (one of the most popular blogs with info on family travel)

Nomadic Matt: Don't Listen to Those Who Say Family Travel Isn't Possible

One thing I will say is to think of creative solutions to traveling with children. If you don't want to pull your kids out of school to travel full-time (definitely understandable) look into summer options or short-term work + travel trips.

Especially if you're running an online business you can look into ways like house sitting (free accommodation!) in another country over the summer, while running your business and traveling with the kids during while you're there. Obviously you don't have to do that, it's just an idea!

1. Instead of saying, "I can't travel because I have student loan debt"

>>>> "How can I travel while paying off my student loans?"

College can cost a pretty penny...and I don't say that lightly coming from the US! In the US yearly tuition can cost anything from about $10,000 upwards of $40,000 per year depending on the school you choose.

I know some other countries are similar with expensive university tuition...SO this article from Frugal Frolicker is super helpful:

How to Travel with Student Loans

Yes, I know it isn't "as easy as it sounds." Nothing worth doing ever is.

Though if this is something you truly want to do - taking the leap to live the travel life of your dreams - then coming up with a creative solution is the key. 🔑 You can do it!

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