How To Stay In Shape While Traveling


Blue Water in Amalfi Coast When you're not at home in your regular routine, it can be tough to find time to hit the gym. There are so many things to do when you're on a trip - things that are much more enticing than exercise.

And that's how it should be - you didn't get away from your regular routine just to bring it back with you. You decided to travel to experience something different and more exciting (or relaxing) than your day-to-day life.

However, if you're going on an extended trip or just want to keep any extra pounds away during your time away from home, you'd be surprised at how many tricks you can use to keep in shape.

How To Stay In Shape While Traveling: 7 Tricks

1. Get outside

At top of Camelback Mountain, Phoenix AZ

People are more likely to be active outdoors when they travel than when they're at home. Try your hand at rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, or skiing, just to name a few ideas.

You'll be able to see a whole other side of where you're at, and it's most likely off the tourist track.

2. Walk everywhere


As tempting as it may be to hop in a taxi for a few blocks, opt to walk instead. It's easy to get around most cities on foot. Plus, you see more on foot than you do through a car window.

3. Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator

Of course, don't do this in creepy stairwells with no one around. This is more of an example for when you're at a public place (ex: a mall) and you have the option.

Also, if you using subways as public transportation, you sometimes don't have a choice if the escalator stops moving! Those stairs are STEEP. #EveryDayIsLegDay

4. Go to a fitness class

If you're staying at a hotel or resort, it's very likely they will offer fitness classes. Elsewhere, you're likely to find free classes in the city - search "free fitness classes in (insert city here)" online to see if there are any on offer.

The great thing about going to fitness classes is that you can go with the people you're traveling with or walk in solo, and either way it's a social experience. Sunrise Pilates on the beach, anyone?

5. Go horseback riding

Denver Horses

If you're at a place where you can find horseback riding, you'll be surprised at the core/leg workout you get while riding. This is a memorable mode of transportation for, say, vineyard and/or countryside tours.

6. Play sports

If you're living in a foreign country, look for sports leagues in your city. This is a fun way to be active while also meeting other locals/expats in the area. If you're studying abroad, your school or program may offer intramural sports.

7. Join a Fitness/Wellness retreat

Is fitness your priority when traveling? If so, then you should consider a group tour that is centered around fitness - Active Escapes comes to mind. There are also other types of retreats for yoga, etc.

While the hotel gym is always a nice backup, it's more fun to exercise in a way that will enhance your trip (and sometimes get you out of your comfort zone). Try these tricks on your next vacation!