Studying Abroad in Europe: Instagram vs. Reality

Studying Abroad in Europe Instagram vs. Reality Taking photos when you study abroad is a given. If you didn't post it online, did it actually happen? (Kidding). Sharing our lives through Instagram while abroad is a fun way to document the experience, albeit an edited, sometimes filtered, version of our lives.

It allows us to keep friends and family back home updated on the goings-on of being abroad while providing us with like-worthy #TBTs after we return home, full of nostalgia.

Whether you're currently abroad or have already returned, you may be able to relate to these Insta-worthy moments.

Studying Abroad in Europe: Instagram vs. Reality

1. The passport photo

Paris passport

Caption: #itshappening #europe2015 #letsgo #travel

Reality: For every decent passport pic, there are 14 failed ones.

2. Luggage

1 luggage

Caption: Bags are all packed! Can't wait to start this next chapter of my life in [insert study abroad city here].

Reality: I had jump on the case and try multiple contortionist-worthy moves just to get this thing to close.

3. Airplane selfie

airplane selfie

Caption: Here we go...!

Reality: 1/5 takes to not have the rando in the background staring into the camera. Also, major judgement from the rando throughout the 10-hour flight.

4. In front of famous monuments


Caption: #blessed

Reality: This is cool, but you also can't see the hordes of other tourists with selfie sticks trying to get  the same shot.

5. Food

Andiamo Bellevue Food

Caption: Authentic food from its own country is 10000x better than back home. #PastaAllaBolognese #YesPlease

Reality: Can't argue much there, just please don't be that pretentious "everything is better in [study abroad country], *scoff*" person when you return.

6. Oktoberfest


Caption: The best f***ing weekend of my entire life.

Reality: The best f***ing weekend of my entire life, and now I'm broke. #worthit

7. Party pics


Caption: Cheers to nights we won't remember, with friends we won't forget.

Reality: The awesomeness of being under 21 and being able to legally drink at bars.

8. Christmas markets

Vienna Austria Christmas Markets Cropped

Caption: Happy holidays *emojis* sending my love from Europe :)

Reality: It's all about the hot, spiced wine in special Christmas-market-mugs.

Speaking of wine...

9. Wine


Caption: Every occasion calls for a glass of red.

Reality: I have a love/hate relationship with unlimited wine, depending on the time of night or the next morning.

10. Train station 1 train station

Caption: So excited to be in MILAN in just a few hours!!

Reality: It's 8:00 am, and yeah last night's wine was a horrible idea.

11. Souvenir shopping

1 souvenirs

Caption: Can't resist some local shopping... #wheninrome #travel

Reality: I really want all this crap I don't need. I'm buying it anyways.

12. Water activities

budapest crop

Caption: Had a fun, relaxing time at the baths in Budapest. Cool experience. #hungary

Reality: Totally fun, relaxing, and cool. However, I forgot my swimsuit on this trip and had to rent one from the spa. Showering immediately when I get back to my hostel.

13. Textbooks


Caption: When you realize you actually have to study for your finals abroad...

Reality: LOL

14. The group photo

1 crop group

Caption: Abroad friends are friends for life.

Reality: Abroad friends are friends for life.

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