How To Find (And Ask For) Iced Coffee in Europe


Iced coffee is not very common in Europe, and as someone who loves iced coffee but not hot drinks, finding iced coffee in Europe turned out to be a little bit of a challenge. My first day in Austria I was talking to the barista at the hotel in English, and when I asked for ice for my coffee, he was beyond puzzled. He kept pointing to the Ben & Jerry's case of ice cream pints, asking if I wanted to put Ben & Jerry's into my coffee. Then I looked up how to ask for ice in German - turns out eis means ice cream in and eiswürfel means ice cubes. Knowing how to ask definitely would've helped beforehand!

Here are some tips for both finding and asking for iced coffee in Europe:

Finding Iced Coffee

- Search TripAdvisor and Yelp for cafes that serve iced coffee. For places that do, there are likely to be reviews stating so.

- Type into a search engine "where to find iced coffee in [where you're going]" and see if anything comes up.

- Check your favorite travel blogs that write about locations you're going to to see if they mention finding iced coffee.

- If you find an American cafe or restaurant, ask someone that works there - they'll probably have it.

- Last resort....McDonald's.

How To Ask For Iced Coffee in Different Languages

I love the taste of Italian or Parisian espresso, but for some reason I still just can't drink it without ice. Here is how to ask for iced coffee, cold coffee, or a cup of ice to pour into hot coffee.* Just know that you're bound to get some odd looks, as Europeans tend to think that putting ice into coffee is an odd thing to do.


Ask for Vorrei caffe freddo (I would like cold coffee)


Ask, Kan ich kaffee mit eiswürfel? (May I have coffee with ice cubes?)


I'm not sure how this translates or if I spelled it correctly, but my driver in Paris told me I should ask for an iced latte like this: une moisset avec un verre de glaçons, s'il vous plaît? (A coffee and milk with a glass of ice, please?)


Ask for ijskoffie


Ask, café con los cubos de hielo, por favor (coffee with ice cubes, please)


Ask, cafè amb glaçons de gel, si us plau (coffee with ice cubes, please)


Ask, café com cubos de gelo, por favor (coffee with ice cubes, please)


Ask, káva s ledem, prosím (coffee with ice cubes, please)


Ask, kávé a jeget, kérem (coffee with ice cubes, please)


Ask, kava s kockicama leda, molimo (coffee with ice cubes, please)


Ask, buz küpleri ile kahve, lütfen (coffee with ice cubes, please)

*Most of these phrases I got off of Google translate. Please clarify in the comments if there's a better way to ask!