6 Must-Have Travel Accessories

6 Must-Have Travel Accessories

1. Physical Camera

Today's smartphones come with great built-in cameras, which is great for traveling light. But if I had nickel for every time I knew someone whose phone got lost or stolen while traveling and all those photos were lost... that's why I recommend having a physical camera and/or GoPro in addition to a phone. You have an additional place to store your photos until you upload them.

2. Portable Phone Charger

A portable battery pack is lightweight and can be a life-saver for when you really need your phone. Make sure it's charged beforehand and that you bring the cord! The phone cases that have the extra battery in them work as well.

3. Something to Keep your Chargers Together

I use a small makeup bag to store all my chargers, adapters, etc. when traveling. It's easy to find when you're going through your luggage and you know it's all in the same place. Even a regular ziploc bag works.

4. Portable Luggage Scale

One of the most frustrating things about flying are the luggage weight limits. Weigh all your luggage (some airlines have limits for carry-ons) with a portable luggage scale to ensure you don't go over. You can get one at Target for $20 which converts the numbers into both pounds and kilos.

5. Headphones/Ear Buds

Any flight, train, or bus ride can be a bore without music. These are also nice to have if you have a chatty seatmate and aren't interested in talking. If you have roommates or are at a hostel, you also won't bug your neighbors with your music or TV show.

6. Passport Case

This will help protect your passport from getting bent, spilled on, or ruined in some way. It's also way easier to find your passport in your bag when it's in a case.