8 Majestic Time Lapse Videos: Beauty in Nature

Patagonia Over the past couple of weeks, I've posted 8 Majestic Time Lapse Videos of the USA and another one of World Cities. To complete this series, I've compiled eight videos of nature in time lapses. The world is a beautiful place, and if we stop to take a look around, we'll see that some of the most breathtaking places are in nature.

El Teide, Spain

This was filmed over seven days on Spain's tallest mountain. Noted as one of the best places in the world to photograph stars, the photographer captured some breathtaking footage while in the Canary Islands.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The footage of the world's oldest national park is stunning. Scenic views of the park and wildlife are shown through time lapse and make you wish there was more to see than the five minutes presented.

Northern Lights, seen from Norway

Seeing the Northern Lights (or "aurora borealis") is definitely something on my bucket list. It's almost unreal to think that natural, colored lights like that actually exist.

The Nile/Egypt

While most of the video isn't time lapse (there's gorgeous starry night sky time lapse footage though), this video shows the inspiring journey of a man who kayaks up the Nile to the pyramids, as well as exploring some lesser-known, remote parts of Egypt.


"The end of world," Patagonia looms on the edge of South America. If you have dreams to backpack Patagonia, this video is sure to feed your wanderlust.

China and Pakistan

Part city and part nature, with snow-capped mountains, rice terraces, and more.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of the seven natural wonders of the world looks absolutely stunning at sunset.

And lastly, Planet Earth

Earth, viewed from the International Space Station. It's crazy to think how much beauty there is within the world, but our little planet is just a small piece of the puzzle.