The ABCs of Studying Abroad in Florence

The ABCs of Studying Abroad in Florence A: Acqua - whether it's sparkling or flat, water is not free at restaurants, and sometimes more expensive than wine.

Florence Duomo from Piazzale Michelangelo

B: Bars. If you studied abroad between the age of 18-20, you got to enjoy the awesomeness of being of age and getting let in (legally) to a bar. If you were already 21, then you at least got to enjoy going to the bars with all of your friends without leaving out the youngsters.

C: Cooking. Italy is the food capital of Europe, and Florence is arguably the best city in Italy for finding the best food and fresh, high quality ingredients. Pesto pizza, pasta bolognese, or a tomato and mozzarella panini...yum.

D: Duomo. The most iconic church in Florence is enormous and beautiful. You'll never forget your first time walking up to the piazza and seeing it in person - it literally takes your breath away.

Duomo Florence

E: Experience. One that you'll never forget.

F: Florence! Where a majority of American students study abroad in Italy. Also, a small, gorgeous city with beautiful renaissance art.

G: Gelato. You know it's good when the smallest size still comes with two flavors.

H: Hostels. You'll always remember your first time staying at a hostel - bringing shower shoes, sharing bunk beds with other travelers...

I: Italy. While you spent most of the week in Florence, you likely got to see more of the country - the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, historic Rome, and the beautiful Amalfi Coast were musts. Maybe you made it down to Sicily, or up to Venice.

Florence, Italy

J: Just go. Your motto when deciding whether or not to do that last-minute weekend trip.

K: Knocking on the door to a secret bakery at 2am. Warm, nutella-filled croissants for a euro each was the best way to end a night out.

L: Language. The beautiful Italian language that flows up and down, and sounds almost musical when listening to locals converse.

M: "Molto delizioso" means "very delicious," which is what you answered when your host mom asked how the pesto lasagna she made for lunch was.

N: Never leaving. Or what you told yourself while you were in denial during the final days of your study abroad.

Oltre Arno Florence Ponte Vecchio

O: Oltre Arno. Heading across the Arno river to the less touristy part of Florence, where you could encounter some great cafes and shops, and take a breather from the crowds by the Duomo or Santa Croce.

P: Piazzas. Piazza Repubblica, Michelangelo, Santa Croce...

Q: Quotes. Hopefully you made a list of all the funny things people said so you can look back on it a few months later when you get nostalgic. #memories

R: Resume. Studying abroad is a culturally enriching experience that you should definitely put on your resume.

S: Studying. The actual reason you were there.

T: Tiramasu. A delicious Italian dessert.

U: Umbrella. Something you were so glad you had during the random late summer downpours and also so the guys selling umbrellas on the streets would stop bothering you about buying one.

go seek explore ponte vecchio florence italy

V: Vacation. Knowing that most people only have the opportunity to take a week or two of vacation to Florence, but you were lucky enough to live there for months.

W: Wine, and lots of it. Whether it's red or white, you drank way too much of it last night, vow never to drink it again, but then somehow find yourself at Dante's in Florence a few days later with your friends where you proceed to do it all over again.

X: X-change rate. Calculating it to see if those 80 euro ($110) shoes were really worth it.

Y: Year abroad. Those lucky enough to extend their summer or semester study abroad into a full year.

Z: Zero regrets.