Why You Should Visit Croatia ASAP


With over 1,000 islands and mainland stretching on the Dalmatian Coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is definitely a place you should add to your European bucket list. It's increasingly becoming more popular, so it's best to go now before it gets overrun with tourists. Here are some more reasons of why you should visit Croatia ASAP:

Because it's gorgeous

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Because it's cheap - $1 = 5.56 kuna

kuna change croatia money

Because there are cool medieval towns, like this one (Trogir)

Split and Trogir, Croatia Trogir, Croatia 2

Because A Game of Thrones films there

Game of Thrones Filming in Croatia

Because the seafood is authentic and fresh

Eating fish in Croatia

Fish in Croatia

Because the sunsets are breathtaking

Croatian Sunset

Because there are plenty of things to do:

...like white water rafting


or driving along the coast

Driving in Croatia

Because the waterfalls are beyond amazing

Krka Waterfalls

Swan in Croatia Krka

...and you can go swimming near them

Krka waterfalls swimming

Need I say more?

Photos: Ally Archer