Not a Political Post: At Trump's Inauguration | Washington, DC VLOG

Washington, DC VLOG

What it was like traveling to Washington, DC during Trump's inauguration to work an education conference plus traveling DC! Washington-DC-Travel-Vlog

When I told people I was going to be working an education conference in DC and we'd go to Trump's inauguration, I was met with various reactions ranging from, "Wow! That's a historical experience," to "BE CAREFUL OMG."

I was met with immense judgment from people at the airport for not going to the Women's March since I was working. "Oh, really, hmm you really couldn't take off work? On a Saturday? Ptsch *eyeroll* "

No, I couldn't take work off. The whole reason I was in DC was to work + travel for the conference. Ha! Ugh...

Friends back home and around the world asked what the inauguration was like. How crazy were the Trump supporters? How crazy were the protesters?

In reality, the inauguration on the National Mall...was very tame.

Very calm. Pretty quiet. Some cheers or boos depending on views.

A few "USA!" chants broke out. I do enjoy a good "USA" chant at the appropriate time.

Inauguration 2017 in Washington, DC at the National Mall

I stood there quietly being as objective as possible, trying to enjoy the historical experience versus dwelling on the big changes happening in our country.

We had close to 3,000 students with us on the Mall, so we exited on the south side to get everyone out and away.

This was on the opposite side of the president's parade, so we didn't see that protest (Casey Neistat did a great vlog showing the protest if you'd like to see that).

So, this travel vlog has nothing to do with politics (which I hope you'll find refreshing)! 

Instead, I'm showing my work + travel experience in one of my favorite cities in the world!

Expect seeing the additional barriers/security on the National Mall pre-inauguration, our mini food tour in Dupont, a quick stop in Georgetown, a few scenes from the actual Inauguration ceremony, and our end-of-conference party at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space museum.

Keep in mind we were crazy busy - working 12-20 hour days every day - and I didn't get a ton of footage from everything. We also weren't allowed to have our students in photos or videos on social media.

I also deleted ALL the photos/videos off my camera at the inauguration! I only have a couple videos I took on my phone. I was so bummed when I realized I deleted them by accident. #RookieMistake

Want DC travel tips? Check out this travel guide to Washington, DC! I highly recommend visiting this awesome city - it is so much more than politics!

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