What Should I Pack For Year-Long Travel? #AskAlly

This post has 2 tricks to make packing for year-long travel SO much easier.

I get quite a few emails asking questions about traveling, work + travel, and blogging (please feel free to email me anytime!) and sometimes the questions can be similar.

So what did I do? Compile a few helpful Q & As into blog posts to share them with you! These Q & A type posts will have an #AskAlly in the title.

This first #AskAlly post is asking about packing for year-long travel. Long-term travel of any kind can be tricky as it is tempting to bring your entire closet and bathroom with you, but that's not reasonable!

Read on for my two easy suggestions to make packing for long-term travel easier.

What and how should I pack for long-term travel?! Answering this reader question in the #AskAlly travel series. Two super quick & helpful tips on packing for long-term travel!

How (And What) Should I Pack For Year-Long Travel? #AskAlly

Hey Ally,

That's awesome, I just quit my corporate job as well to pursue my dream of traveling to Australia. I was wondering if you have any tips for me on what to pack and how much, I will be backpacking for about one year, and have repacked about 3 times already and still have way to much stuff.


Hey Veronica,

What a fun adventure! Australia is on my list as well. This blogger lived in Sydney recently and he has some helpful posts if you happen to head that way:


Backpacking for a year is a while- when I moved to Italy I felt like I brought almost my whole closet with me (hah) and didn't even end up wearing all my clothes!

The main two things you'll want to keep in mind are:

- seasons you'll be traveling in

- packing for "two weeks" 

1. If you're traveling to places that experience all four seasons, it will be nice to pack just the staples you'll wear in each one.

For winter, a nice/"pack-able" coat and your favorite pair of boots. Same for the other seasons. On the bright side, Australia should have plenty of shopping opportunities should you need anything! 

2. Packing for "two weeks" is another good method for long term travel.

I do this since I usually wash my laundry at home and on the road every two weeks or so.

These days I'll pack the pieces I always seem to wear weekly so I know I'm not bringing stuff I won't need.

I also had a guest post go up on my blog recently about backpacking packing tips you may find helpful!

Good luck with your trip!



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