10 Times I Realized my heart belonged to travel 

10 Times I Realized my heart belonged to travel

10 Times I Realized my Heart Belonged to Travel | GoSeekExplore.com

 10. I knew my heart belonged to travel when I was walking through gardens in Salzburg, having the same natural life high feeling of happiness that also surged in Sydney, Thailand, and Berlin. 


9. I knew my heart belonged to travel when I was met with train delays, bad hostels, and exhaustion...and I still loved it.


8. I knew the world was calling me to travel when I’d happily procrastinate with one of my biggest distractions...staring at a world map and coming up with new travel routes.


7. I knew I was travel-obsessed when seeing the letters “RTW," the first thing that came to mind wasn’t ready-to-wear (a term in the fashion industry), it was round-the-world, a term for a trip around the world.


6. I knew there was more than just the culture we grew up in. I wanted to see it, experience it, feel it first-hand through travel.


5. I knew I had to get past the mental blocks of “it isn’t possible,” “I’m not the type of person that travels,” “responsible people don’t travel” ...in order to give into this pull of travel and really experience life.


4. I knew my heart belonged to travel when, similar to a loving relationship, I couldn't imagine my life without it. Traveling made me wonder how I survived without it in the first place.


3. I knew my heart belonged to travel when talking about it with other people, knowing the conversation about other places and cultures and experiences could last for hours and I'd never get bored.


2. I knew once I traveled internationally a second time, I didn’t “get it out of my system.” It became a shameless love affair with the world, and I’ve given in to this wanderlust around the world many times since, working hard to make it happen.


1. I knew my heart belonged to travel when the words came so easy while writing this.


“Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote and I will happily be infected for the rest of my life.”


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