Goal Setting? Here's One Thing You Should Do Every Year

Goal Setting? Here's One Thing You Should Do Every Year

Goal Setting? Here's ONE Thing You Should Do Every Year! Quick and easy check-in to get super clear on what your goals are for the new year, or any time really.

Whether you reflect on your current life goals for New Years, your birthday, or whenever a moment of inspiration hits, it helps to have some form of measurement so you 1) get a realistic view on where you are in all areas of life, and 2) so you don't get overwhelmed in the negative (areas of improvement) and forget about the positive.

On my birthday earlier this year I came across a "Birthday Check-in" from Cosmo.

Once I did this, I decided that I am going to do this every single year!

This helps you take a look at your current life situation, what you love & what needs to improve, to help you be crystal clear on your goals and direction.

I really enjoyed the structure of this check-in and questions it uses for guidance.

Check out the video where I go over it all, plus my personal takeaways & how you can use this to make your year the best yet!

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