The Real World Doesn't Have To Suck: 9 Reasons Why You Should Get a Travel Job After College


The "real world" doesn't totally suck, but it is something you're stuck in since graduating college for the rest of your life. Long gone are Thirsty Thursdays, being in the energetic student section at sports games, and not yet having a ton of responsibility.

If you were cramming for last night's paper and show up to class wearing a wrinkled hoodie and leggings, it's not a big deal.

But when you're trying to look professional at work? Make sure to steam out your slacks or shift dress to avoid being the sloppy employee that doesn't seem to care.

Before this gets depressing, know that there are ways to have fun AND still work after college!

While some corporate "real world" jobs could offer 1-2 weeks vacation per year, there are a number of alternative jobs out there that still provide valuable experience and far more travel opportunities.

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But why exactly should you consider a travel job? Because, let's face it, sometimes these types of jobs are just way more fun.


9 Reasons Why You Should Get a Travel Job After College

9 Reasons why you should get a travel job after college

1. Because this is the first time in your life that you're not tied down to a location

You can move anywhere. For your entire life, you've been bound by school and growing up at home.

It can be an intimidating thought at first, but embrace it - you're free to roam the world as you just need to - and CAN - make it happen.

2. Because you can embrace technology to stay connected

You can Skype, iMessage, and keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you're a digital nomad (work remotely or are an online business owner, freelancer, blogger, etc.) you can keep up with your work and earn money because of technology.

Get out in the world and set aside days where you put the phone down, but when it's time to get to work or call your mom, you have technology on your side to help you do it.

3. Because it opens your mind

After spending four years in likely the same place with the same people, you'll find it refreshing to experience something entirely different.

Travel is your new teacher. Learning how the world works in addition to more than you ever thought you could learn about yourself, is truly eye-opening. Learning and growing while you travel can only be a good thing.

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4. Because travel makes people happy

Even planning a trip makes people happy because the anticipation leads to excitement before a trip.

And when you're there? The new experiences, people you'll become friends with, and memories you'll make will last a lifetime.

Spending on experiences tends to make people happier than spending on material items.

That excitement you once had about the new pair of shoes you just bought will certainly diminish two months from now.

That time you sung "Sweet Caroline" at the top of your lungs at a table full of Germans during Oktoberfest? That's something you'll remember for the rest of your life.

5. Because you don't want to regret not traveling when you're older

Times are changing, and we'll likely be working well into our later years and will retire much older than our parents/grandparents if we follow the traditional path (work for decades and then retire).

That's one of many reasons why you should travel while you're young. If you wait decades until you retire, you may be unable to fully experience it due to age, health, etc.

Don't wait to travel, because regret would be a terrible feeling in your later years.

6. Because time is on your side

Psychology shows that when we experience the same routine day after day it makes time seem to fly by faster.

That's why your childhood years seem like they were longer - because you were learning and trying new things year after year. But when we get older, time seems to fly faster because we're doing the same monotonous routine for years on end.

When I'm caught up in a routine, there are days when I can't even remember what I had for dinner three days before.

When we don't allow ourselves time to learn and try new things, it feels like life is passing by at an alarming rate and that time is out of our control.

Take advantage of time. When you're young, time is on your side!

7. Because being somewhere in person is a million times better than simply looking at photos

There's only so much Pinspiration and travel Instagram accounts you can handle before it's time to see the real thing. There comes a time where you're just itching to travel somewhere - and the only way to stop an itch is to scratch it.

You can read about the Great Wall of China in history textbooks, but physically being there - seeing it in real life, and knowing that you're walking along a major piece of history - is such an incredible feeling.

8. Because you truly deserve it

You don't need to "pay your dues" and accept the first opportunity that comes along after college. If it doesn't interest you, don't do it! Find something that brings excitement to your life.

Don't settle for a life that's less capable than the one you're currently living. If you want to travel, don't settle for a bland version of life because the one you want to live seems too edgy, too out of character, or too different than the norm.

Trust yourself and remember that you truly deserve this.

9. Because now is the time to live an epic adventure

There will be no other time in your life when will you be as young as you are now. With every passing second we are getting older. Day after day.

We don't know how much time we have left on this planet, but we do know that now is the time to travel.

Now is the time to make it happen.