The Quick 6-Step List For What You Need To Do, To Live a Work + Travel Lifestyle

If you want to travel more, then you must get out there and do it: travel. It's not as easy as it sounds, though. Timing, planning, and getting through those mental blocks often get in your way until you just put it off, again and again, until next year.

Then the cycle repeats and you see that one kid from high school on Instagram who has this really cool travel job and all their pictures give you serious FOMO...and then (hopefully) you realize that if they can do it, so can you!

Okay. Here's the quick reference list for what you need to do, to travel more by living a work + travel lifestyle:

The Quick 6-Step List For What You Need To Do, To Live a Work + Travel Lifestyle

1. Know that it is possible

This point is number one because the biggest mental block is the thought that you can't do it. But YOU CAN! Everyone thinks that they're in some special situation, that "someone like me can't just go travel because [insert lame excuse here]." I know. I've been there too.

But the second you make an excuse, you've already lost. You're going nowhere soon.

What would you want to do, and where would you want to travel, if money, time, your job, school, and all other commitments didn't matter?

Where would you go if you won the lottery for $10,000? How about $100,000?

Think about it for a minute.

Now, realize that you can get started now. The point of this is to show you that you need to be thinking bigger and without all these distractions and excuses.

The saddest thing - and I see this ALL the time - is when someone lights up and says, "Yes, I want to do [insert awesome life goals here]" and then their smile drops, they give a half-hearted laugh and shake their head saying, "Well. That's not realistic. Back to reality."

Start with one step a day. Or even one step a week. You don't need to figure everything out all at once. Your reality now, doesn't have to be your reality six months from now. You have the power to change it, and it all starts with how you think.

2. Decide what you want to do

This is the fun part! What do you want to do when you're living a work + travel lifestyle? How are you going to afford to live? Do you want to save up money to travel indefinitely and pick up odd jobs along the way, or do you want to apply for a more long-term or open-ended position that has more job security?

The options truly are endless, which is exciting. And, you don't have to pigeonhole yourself into one type of travel job. If you find you don't like it or want to try something new, you can do just that.

How to live a work + travel lifestyle

3. Decide where you want to go

Ah, another important step. WHERE. It seems so easy but is something you just need to narrow down. There are so many countries in the world!

Start with the continent. Asia? South America? Australia? And then narrow it down to the region, country, or city. Southeast Asia? Argentina? Melbourne?

Pick whatever sounds the most exciting to you and where you could actually see yourself going next.

In Budapest leading a weekend trip when I was working as a travel guide in Europe

In Budapest leading a weekend trip when I was working as a travel guide in Europe

4. Decide when you want to go

You can make your travels happen sooner than you think. Yes, you can travel in 2016! Get specific - pick a month this year for when you want to go. Tell your friends something like, "I'm going to Sydney, Australia in November this year."

If it really won't work out this year, then plan for next. Don't plan for your next big trip to be farther off from that because, let's be real, you'll probably forget about it. I know I would.

It's okay if your plans end up changing, but for now set your sights on a particular month so you can get started with the process.

5. Apply to travel jobs

Unless you're working for yourself, you'll need to apply to jobs that allow you to travel.

There are many jobs - short-term, long-term, or open-ended, so find something that works with your schedule. So long is the "But I don't have the time" excuse!

6. Figure out logistics

If you're working in a foreign country, figure out if you need a visa and make arrangements to get it. Also, make sure your passport is up to date.

If you're moving somewhere else and need to sell your stuff or find someone to lease your room while you're away, get on it.