The Most Beautiful Beach Towns in the Mediterranean


DSC_0812 There is nothing more beautiful or glamorous than hitting the beach on the Mediterranean. As an avid beach-goer whenever possible, I've had the opportunity to explore quite a few beaches on this lovely stretch of water surrounding Southern Europe. My top three destinations are listed below. Cannes, France

The country's annual star-studded film festival wouldn't settle for a less-than-spectacular backdrop, would it? The sand is soft between your toes as you inhale the smell of the salty breeze. Yachts are docked at the marina, fabulous shopping and restaurants line the streets, and other seaside towns like Nice, Eze, Monaco, and Saint-Tropez are nearby. Did I mention Cannes is my favoriteAmalfi Coast, Italy - Go Seek Explore place in the world?

Positano, Italy

Here you will find the popular picturesque view of Amalfi's pastel cliff houses. To get to the town, you must drive down winding roads, and then walk downhill to get to the beach. Along the way you'll find the area filled with purple flowers, trees, and the scent of lemon from the nearby lemon groves. Find a spot in the sand (or rent a long chair), grab a drink from one of the beach bars, and feel the summer sun that lasts through autumn.

croatian islands

Split, Croatia

Croatia is one of the more off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe, but not for long before more and more tourists head to this unique and beautiful country. Home to over 1,000 islands, it's tough to pick just one island for this list. Stay in Split, a medieval town on the water (and home to Diocletian's Palace) for easy access to island hopping boat cruises. Whichever island you stop at, you're bound to find turquoise water, spectacular landscapes, and fresh, delicious seafood.