The BEST Advice for Travel Job Seekers (Plus Another Giveaway!)

The best advice for travel job seekers

If you've been searching "How to travel with no money" or "How to get a travel job" on Google, then you're in the right place.

Let's be real: in order to survive in the modern world, you need money. Making money comes from working, but there are alternative ways to get paid and/or cover costs for traveling compared to the whole corporate grind.

However, some people have it backwards: they think that in order to travel, you must work-work-save at a boring job - maybe even for years - in order to take that dream trip, and then come back home and do it all over again.

There's nothing wrong with that, though you can find jobs all over the world that pay you to travel instead.

Working around the world - whether that's volunteering in exchange for housing for a couple weeks, to working a contract job in a foreign country for a year, to being a digital nomad while you jaunt around the world, and everything in between - is the new way to travel.

The best advice for travel job seekers comes from those who have already done what you're seeking to do.

I have an AWESOME treat for you today: an interview with Nicole Trilivas, the author of the novel Girls Who Travel. 

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Nicole Trilivas | Opportunity: Author of Girls Who Travel | Where: Location Independent | Travel Type: Open-ended

Enter to WIN a copy of Girls Who Travel!

Name the travel job, how long you're working for, and which places working abroad has taken you:

When I was writing Girls Who Travel I was living in New York City, but really I could have written it anywhere! In the past I lived in Scotland, Ireland, and Australia—all the while writing. I like going away to write because there are fewer distractions in terms of friends and obligations—less shiny things around to distract me!

What does your job cover in terms of pay, housing, perks, etc.? (You can make this as specific or as general as you’d like, whatever you’re most comfortable with):

Writers get small advances, but I also freelanced and saved to support myself.

Pros/Cons of your job?

Writers get paid in chunks, usually in thirds: first when you sign your contract; then again when you deliver the manuscript; and lastly when you’re published. This is a bit of a “con.” In terms of “pros:” You can do it anywhere in the world and all you need is a laptop (and a good internet connection to procrastinate).

What steps did you have to take to land your job?

I wrote four books before getting published! It’s been a super long road—but totally worth it! Once I finished Girls Who Travel, I had to get an agent, and then a publisher. Then, once I secured a publisher, I had to edit and wait for a year and half before getting published at long last.

#1 piece of advice for millennials looking to work abroad?

Follow your passion and do your homework. By "follow your passion" I mean that you should look for a job that you would enjoy in any country. And do your homework is self-explanatory. Also, try not to break any international laws. 

Favorite destination?

Oh, I could never choose just one! I did, however, just get back from Venice. Venice in the winter is stupidly magical. It’s like a dream. Every woman should spend one afternoon of their life sitting on the grand canal in winter, warming her hands on a cappuccino.

Share an epic travel story:

Words will never do it justice, but attending a high-society wedding in Delhi, India was revolutionary. It was the craziest party you can ever image—and it lasted for days and days! Not only that, but it was eye-wateringly beautiful. There were so many heartfelt rituals and spiritual event—not to mention the insanely glamorous dresses!

“Follow your passion and do your homework. By ‘follow your passion’ I mean that you should look for a job that you would enjoy in any country.”

What’s next?

More writing! My whole beat is travel-themed fiction. I always loved reading about travel, but books about travel are usually non-fiction. I want to write a whole set of fictional adventures that all take place abroad. 

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