The Places I'll Tell All My Friends to Visit in Europe 

The Places I'll Tell All My Friends to Visit in Europe 

The places I'll tell all my friends to visit in Europe! Great recommendations for what to do in each places too.

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In today’s world, we all have to try our best to broaden our understanding and knowledge of other cultures. One of the great ways to experience the diversity of life is by travelling around the world. Europe is the place where modern-day culture has developed and flourished.

Therefore, you should book a flight to some of these amazing locations, and be prepared to excite your senses by experiencing different atmospheres of these cities while immersing yourself in various local stories from all around Europe.

The places I'll tell all my friends to visit in Europe

Paris, France

The places I'll tell all my friends to visit in Europe

The first, and probably the most popular tourist destination is Paris, France. It is brimming with awe-inspiring buildings and monuments which keep century old secrets inside.

Once you get there, make sure to check out all the amazing landmarks.

My recommendation is to check out the world famous museum, the Louvre. This museum holds the greatest collection of art pieces from all around the world. The Louvre usually hosts a lot of visitors, so make sure to visit it on Wednesdays and Fridays, but come in the morning since there are no big crowds then.

The museum is pretty vast, so it’s better to plan a couple of short visits rather than a long one since the tours can drain you of your energy quite fast.

Make sure to stay in Paris a bit longer in order to visit all the historic landmarks. My personal recommendation is a romantic cruise on the dreamy hotel barge Anjodi along the Canal du Midi.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must, but to truly experience the magic of Paris, you will have to see it at night. Taking an evening stroll through the town’s center will truly wake up the bohemian in you.

If you want to have the best night out in Paris, I would recommend going for a club-crawl around the Champs- Elysées area since it hosts a couple of them: you should start an evening off at the Queen and move on to the Matignon. Grab a few drinks with locals while exchanging stories with them.

After visiting Paris, you will be drawn to return to it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The places I'll tell all my friends to visit in Europe

This city has a lot to offer to any inquisitive tourist. If you desire a quick exciting night out filled with mystery and surprises, you will find it here.

Or, if you have a thirst for knowledge and just want to learn about the culture as much as possible, then there is something here for you as well. 

First of all, this city, just like Paris, is famous for its nightlife. While exploring the city center, you may come across a club called Akhnaton. This club is one of the wildest places to be during the evening in Amsterdam, since it hosts the most visited parties. You will certainly get a chance to attend live sets of famous DJs like Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren.

However, Amsterdam can shock a weary traveler during the evening, so if you are up for a surprise, make sure to visit the Red Light District. During the day, the city is quite peaceful, which will make you forget that you had a wild and exciting evening the day before.

There are numerous canals running through the city, and that’s why it has been referred to in many books as the “Venice of the North”.

If you want to see all the paintings of the world famous painter, then head out to Van Gogh’s museum. There you will be able to see over 200 of his paintings, along with his renowned ones like the Sunflowers, Wheatfield with Crows, the Potato Eaters and many others, plus some of his personal letters, and other works.

The museum also hosts a variety of artists which were inspired by Van Gogh. Amsterdam will stay in your memory long after you leave it.

Berlin, Germany

The places I'll tell all my friends to visit in Europe

The capital of Germany holds many treasures for insatiable tourists.

But first, I recommend starting off slowly by going for a nice relaxing walk through the Grunewald forest. Make sure to bring a camera and capture the amazing green landscapes of the forest. There are many fun activities that you can try there, like biking and hiking.

Make sure to check out wonderful Schlachtensee and Wannsee.  I went there once with my friends, we brought our swimsuits and went for a dip. Not only is it a refreshing experience, but it is truly a great opportunity to relax and meditate. Try it out when the weather is warm.

The next day you can rent a bike, since it is a great transportation method for both getting around the city fast and sightseeing.

Make sure to visit the Museum Island next. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There you will be able to explore five of the Berlin’s most popular museums, including the Old Museum built in 1823, the Pergamon museum which hosts numerous archeological discoveries dating back almost 3000 years, and the New Museum where you can see art pieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

The nightlife in Berlin is quite unique. Although there is a variety of music to choose from, Berlin’s club scene is mostly populated by DJs and EDM enthusiasts. So, if you want to go dancing and partying all night with popular DJs, I recommend going to the Tresor.

Before you leave, make sure to sample some local beer and sausages.

All in all, visiting Europe is a great chance for you to experience a once-in-a-lifetime cultural exchange!

Written by Roxana

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