It's Time To Start Living


Boats in Croatia It's almost March. Where are you on your New Year's goals? Did you set any goals to "travel more," do more of "this" or "that," or simply experience life to the fullest? To take advantage of every opportunity coming your way?

As we've settled into the routine of 2015, our New Year's goals may have gone to the wayside. We've become blind to the list we've had taped to the refrigerator since we see it every day, and as we go about our days, things start to blend together. Now's the time to take a look at how you're keeping track of your goals. (The SMART goal system is my favorite method).

Have you been keeping up with them? Do you need to create a new list in a different color and tape it to a different part of the refrigerator?

Or were your goals crap? I know I've set goals in the past that were over-eager and unattainable for the time frame. Maybe you can throw away the weak goals you've had and just focus on one thing: to live life to the fullest, however you define it for yourself.

It's time to start living. Now, more than ever.

Galata Tower View

For me, that means focusing on experiences. Specifically, travel experiences. I love traveling so much and to me, traveling as much as possible is living life to the fullest.

So what have I been doing since the new year started? 

-Not traveling, unfortunately...

-Working. A lot. Full-time during the week and part-time at a restaurant on weekends. Which leads me to the next point...

-I'm quitting my weekend job. Working full-time is my priority, and while the extra money has been nice to have (and is going toward my travel savings), I'm beyond excited to have my weekends back. Being able to have the time to relax, recharge, and write is much-needed in life right now.

-I'm planning weekend trips to San Diego and the Grand Canyon, which I can finally put into motion now that my second job isn't holding me back.

-I made a logo for GSE, which was one of my blogging goals. I like it enough for now, and I may look into getting a professional design in the future.

-Reading blogs and travel books. They're enough to satiate my wanderlust while I'm not traveling.

Blue Water in Amalfi Coast

Most of all, I'm taking another look at my goals for the year and tweaking and changing them where it's needed.

You're not tied down to the goals you made almost three months ago. You've probably even changed a little in the past three months. Reflect on if you're living life to the fullest - the way you want to live. Because it's time to start living, and you owe it to yourself to do the things that make you happy.

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