Must-Read Articles Before You Head to OKTOBERFEST!

I've written a lot about Oktoberfest in the past, as it was by far one of my favorite Europe experiences. If you're in Europe right now, you simply must head to Munich sometime this month. It really is an awesome experience!

A little preparation is necessary for Oktoberfest, though - what to wear? What is it like? Should I bring cash? (Yes, definitely.)

Here is a roundup of previous Oktoberfest articles that include history of the festival and helpful tips - basically everything I wish I knew before I went. Read these and you'll be pro once you hit the tents.


8 Tips For First-Timers at Oktoberfest

Go Seek Explore's most popular post on Oktoberfest and also featured at The College Tourist, this is a must-read for anyone who hasn't been to Munich's Oktoberfest.

Why Oktoberfest is the Greatest Thing, Ever

This one includes some fun facts about the festival and how great/fun this festival is. If you need any convincing, this is what you need to read next.

6 Simple German Phrases to Say at Oktoberfest

Blend in with the Germans and get into the spirit of the festival by learning some simple phrases!

Beyond Oktoberfest: 10 Things to do in Bavaria, Germany

You can spend a decent amount of time at the festival, but after a while you may want a change of scenery or a break from the beer. Here are 10 things to do in the surrounding area - there is more to Munich and the surrounding area than just Oktoberfest.

Oh, and Oktoberfest always makes the list...

Check out these other posts for more Oktoberfest and more reasons why now's the time to hit up the festival.

10 Crazy, Extreme, and Magical Trips To Take When You Study Abroad in Europe

14 Europe Experiences You Need To Have in Your Lifetime

European Experiences To Have In Your 20s

Happy Oktoberfest season, and PROST!

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