Dupont Circle Food Tour in Washington, DC!

Dupont Circle Food Tour in Washington, DC!

Food tour in Dupont Circle Washington, DC!
Dupont Circle Food Tour DC
Dupont Food Tour DC

DC is one of the best US cities for finding top-notch cuisine from around the world, which makes total sense since it is such an international city.

So it's only natural that when I was in DC for a work + travel trip last week, my friend and I snuck out of the hotel for dinner during training to hit up Dupont Circle for some good food!

At first we were going to grab a quick kabob and walk around after seeing great Yelp reviews for a kabob shop on P Street.

Well, along the way we walked past a pizza restaurant and empanada shop and found ourselves at a crossroads: multiple good choices all in the same area, that all looked (and smelled!) delicious.

So where did we end up going? 

To all three places! Haha.

We decided to get smaller bites to share at each location so we'd have room for all three.

This turned our quick dinner stop in Dupont into a makeshift mini food tour!

Here's where we went, in order:

***Also, please forgive the terrible quality photos!!! I didn't have my DSLR with me and took these screenshots from an iPhone video...but you can trust me on the quality of the deliciousness. :) ***

1. First stop: Panas Gourmet Empanadas

Ordered: one savory empanada (beef) and one sweet empanada (blueberry maple).



Both were very good, and the blueberry maple tasted like blueberry pancakes...but in empanada form, of course!

Back when I lived in Italy, my friend and I would stop to get Nutella empanadas at this Latin Bar after our gym workouts. (Because everyone knows Nutella is the secret to a good gym-bod, right? Haha). So I was no stranger to sweet empanadas.

I can't wait to travel around Latin America (hopefully this year or next!) and try some more empanadas.

In the meantime, this awesome shop in Dupont will work well. :)

2. Second stop: Kabob House

Ordered: Chicken kabob sandwich


This was seriously one of the best. kabobs. I've. ever. had.


This is an Afghan kabob shop you access by going up a small outdoor staircase. It's right next to the empanada place.

Afghan kabobs were new to me, since I've had kabobs in Turkey and in Europe. Seriously, it was so good.

The two guys working were SO friendly! They were really nice and helpful and one of the guys gave us free samples of soup.

I would definitely return to this place next time I'm in DC to get another kabob or try more food on their menu.

3. Third stop: Pizzeria Paradiso

Ordered: Mozzarella e Prosciutto


This appetizer had buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomato, prosciutto, and a little bit of basil with toasted bread. So good.

Definitely recommend this place - I'd for sure return for more.