3 Orlando Day Trips That Take You Beyond Disney

3 Orlando Day Trips That Take You Beyond Disney

3 Fun Orlando, USA day trips that take you beyond Disney World! / goseekexplore.com / #orlando #rentalcar #traveltips

If you’re going on a vacation to Orlando, chances are you’re headed there because of the famed Walt Disney World. It’s no secret that Disney World is incredibly fun, and you could spend days at the park alone.

However, the Orlando area has more to do than Disney, and you may want to diversify your trip.

Ditch the Minnie Mouse ears and hit the road for one of these fun Orlando day trips!

Renting a Car in Orlando


You’ll want to rent a car for these Orlando day trips, since driving is the main form of transportation in the US outside major city centers.

If you decide to rent a car in Orlando, it’s smart to book before you go. Miles Car Rental & Viajemos have plenty of information on getting around Orlando here.

Day Trips From Orlando

Crystal River

Tell me you don’t want to go to Crystal River after seeing that adorable picture of a manatee above.

About an hour and a half drive from Orlando, the Crystal River is home to these friendly sea creatures (typically spotted between November and March).

You can take a tour led by a wildlife expert and go snorkeling with the manatees! #BucketList

Kennedy Space Center

Around an hour from Orlando toward the east coast of Florida lies the Kennedy Space Center.

Feel chills up your spine as you stand amongst the rockets and space ships that astronauts use for a “typical” commute to work.

Learn about NASA, astronauts, and watch 3-D IMAX movies about what it’s like to explore outside of Earth!

St. Augustine

Did you know the oldest European-settled town in the US is in Florida?

St. Augustine is just shy of a 2-hour drive from Orlando up the east coast.

The town was founded in 1565 and has old Spanish colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and plenty to do for visitors today - including a trip to Vilano Beach!

Have fun on your trip to Orlando! Don’t forget to book your rental car for Orlando beforehand when you plan your trip! The Viajemos website makes it easy to book your rental car easily.

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3 Fun Orlando, USA day trips that take you beyond Disney World! / goseekexplore.com / #orlando #rentalcar #traveltips

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