3 Unique Ways To Travel Long-Term and Not Go Broke


Many of us have probably heard of ways to cut travel costs like using Couchsurfing for a place to stay or walking everywhere instead of taking taxis. Those tips are great for those looking to save some cash while traveling, but when you are trying to travel long-term you'll want to get even more creative to keep your budget under control. Here are three unique ways to travel long-term without going broke:


1. Get a travel job

Okay, this one is more obvious since my blog is all about finding work + travel opportunities, but this will significantly reduce travel costs! You can read all about how I stretched only $1,400 into six months of traveling Europe here. That was all because I was working in Europe.

Also, your job might pay for some (or all) of your expenses. I went to China for two weeks in July for a short-term job, and while I used both paid/unpaid vacation days, I still came out with more income in July than I did for June or August of this year.

When I was in China, literally everything (including food and transport) was paid for. I wasn't paying for regular costs that I would at home such as groceries, dining out, gas for my car, Starbucks, etc.

In this case, traveling actually allowed me to save more money than I would have, had I stayed at home.


2. Work Away or WWOOF

While I haven't done Work Away personally, I know people who have! Basically you are offered food and a place to stay in exchange for work. Your work could do anything such as gardening, cleaning, taking care of kids, etc.

A similar organization that often gets grouped with Work Away is WWOOF, but the difference is that you work on organic, sustainable farms.

Since housing is often the most expensive part of a traveling next to airfare, finding ways to both eat and have a place to stay in exchange for a little work every day will help curb costs even more. These are great opportunities not only if you don't have friends or family you can stay with for free, but also to learn a lot more about the culture because you're literally living with locals!

3. Move abroad

Staying in one place for an extended period of time will cut your costs more than if you were to take a shorter trip. Why? Because you have more time in that place! Okay, I'll explain:

When you're traveling for a short amount of time you want to pack as much as you can into your schedule. Packing in activities and dining out at restaurants, even if it doesn't even cost that much, can add up quickly over the course of a few days.

However, you can extend your experience by living somewhere and save money on everyday expenses: buying groceries to cook for some of your meals, or walking/taking public transportation instead of driving a car, for example.

Even if you are working remotely or run your own online business, you could potentially save money and keep your costs low depending on where you live. South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe tend to be popular spots for travelers looking for a less expensive home base, especially for expats who come from countries where the cost of living is higher.

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