10 Signs You Have Major Wanderlust


The Mountain time lapse "Wanderlust" is defined as a strong desire to travel. It's that aching feeling where you're dreaming about going somewhere. It can consume you as travel is all you think about, until you finally plan that trip you've been dreaming of in your head and actually do it. But it doesn't stop there - once you've been bit by the travel bug, you're "infected" for life, and that wanderlust will happily come creeping back.

Lemon Groves in Positano10 Signs You Have Major Wanderlust

1. You're always planning your next trip.

2. You dream up different routes to take, including some to circumnavigate the world.

TheBlondeSalad-81441-coast to coast

3. You're intrigued by other cultures and want to see how other people live their lives.

4. You're often looking through old travel photos, which makes you nostalgic.

5. You'll do whatever it takes to travel, like using your airline miles, vacation days off of work, or even taking time for extended travel/work overseas.

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6. You often look up flights to faraway destinations.

7. You get excited as you anticipate your next trip, even if it's weeks or months away.

8. You spend a majority of your free time looking at travel Instagrams, reading books about faraway destinations, and perusing travel blogs.

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9. You keep mementos like leftover change from other currencies in hopes you will be back again soon to use it.

10. You read lists like this and resonate with every point.


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