What It's Like To Drive From Seattle to Phoenix

Two full days of driving, with a day of rest in between. That's a lot of traveling, especially considering I had just flown from Berlin-Paris-Seattle and got back to Seattle only 18 hours before we started driving. Here was the route we took:

drive route

Driving Details:

Day One - Seattle, WA to Park City, UT: 7:30am-midnight

Day Two - Stayed in Park City

Day Three - Park City, UT to Phoenix, AZ: 8am-9pm

Washington: mountains and evergreen trees until it gets to farmland 



Idaho: Farms, nothingness, white water rafting on the Salmon River, and some brown hills

ID signID canola fieldsid hillsID salmon river raftingID white water rafting salmon river

Utah: Refreshing to drive on an interstate highway instead of state roads. Gorgeous drive near Park City, where we stayed the night. Southern Utah started to look more and more like Arizona.

utah mountain  resortUTUT canyon drivessUT canyon driveSouthern Utahutah red rocks

Arizona: Lake Powell hovering over the border (it has a crazy shape if you look it up on a map), lots of red rocks, these weird grey hills that made it look like we were on a different planet....and some more nothing until we hit Flagstaff and then Phoenix.

Arizona state line signLake Powell edie DSC_0840 somewhere in arizona, usa