Using Music To Motivate You To Travel

In the days leading up to my interview for my job in Italy, I was daydreaming of what landing the opportunity would be like.

I would literally envision my life there - what it would be like, what I would be doing, who I'd be hanging out with, where I'd travel to, even what music I would be listening to.

As motivation to smash my interview, I listened to my "travel" playlist that consisted of both fast and chill EDM, songs that I found through inspirational travel videos on YouTube.

Now whenever I hear those songs, it takes me back to that time period in my life - anxious, excited, on the edge. I needed to travel. I wanted that job so bad. (And I was thrilled when I landed the offer.)

Later on, I applied to a different travel job. It was a few months after I had returned from Italy, and I just needed to get back out in the world. I created a new "wanderlust" playlist but with the same theme; EDM songs that inspired me to get back out and travel.

That's why I want to share my playlist with you. I've been listening to it nonstop. This is the playlist I listen to when I am dreaming of travel and where I want to go next.

Most of the songs are newer, though you'll find some oldies-but-goodies!

Have a listen and envision your epic travel life!

What gets you pumped up for traveling? Does music have the same effect on you? Let me know in the comments!