Travel Tips: Ways To Save Money While You Travel

This is the second part to Travel Tips: How To Save Money For Travel.Now that we've covered a few ways to budget and save before you travel, here are some ways to save while you travel.

Make Money While You Travel

Work abroad, freelance, or work remotely: Working abroad is how I funded going back to Europe twice after college. Whether it's a short term trip and your company pays for you to go there or you're living abroad and working overseas, working as you travel is one of the smartest ways to cut travel costs. Yes, your job is your priority, but even if you have less freedom in your day-to-day schedule, you still get to travel.

This article lists 11 ways to make money while you travel. Some of these are pretty awesome jobs, and if you love what you do, it won't even feel like "work."

Ways To Save Money While You Travel

1. Shop at street food, markets, and grocery stores for food

Eating out should definitely be on your itinerary when you travel! Though you don't necessarily need to go to restaurants for every meal. You can find street food in just about any city, as well as grocery stores (which are great for snacks and pre-made meals like sandwiches). Head to the town's local market for fresh fruit and vegetables and other quick bites.

2. Walk and use public transportation

Rental cars and taxis add up. Plus, you tend to see much more of the city when you walk and pick up on things you wouldn't see otherwise.

3. Bring a refillable water bottle

Another way to curb your costs is to use a refillable water bottle. (Get one with a built-in filter if you're wary about the water). It helps the environment and keeps you hydrated. You can fill it up at your hotel or at a drinking fountain instead of searching for a grocery store - and buying yet another one - when your bottles runs out.

4. Skimp on souvenirs and spend on experiences

Do you really need another magnet, shot glass, or souvenir t-shirt? Spend your money on experiences instead. Take photos and/or videos as a "souvenir" of your amazing time zip lining in Costa Rica or sky diving in Switzerland. Memories last a lifetime - unlike your shot glass that broke in your suitcase on the way back home.

5. Go during the shoulder season if possible

Airfare and hotels are notorious for having outrageous prices during the high season. Which makes sense, since most people can only travel at certain times of the year (like summer or holidays). Crowds are at their busiest and entry lines to attractions are at their longest during the high season. If you can go during the off season (or "shoulder season," which is a few weeks before/after high season), then you're likely to save more than a few bucks on your trip.

6. Carry on your luggage

Checking a bag time and time again can add up, especially if you're taking multiple flights. Excess luggage weight adds even more fees. Try to carry-on as much as possible to avoid this - and the possibility of having your luggage lost. Here's an article with tips on how to pack for 2 weeks with just a carry-on bag.

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