Best of 2016 - Most Popular Travel Blog Posts

Best of 2016 - Most Popular Travel Blog Posts

Top Travel Blog Posts on Go Seek Explore in 2016

It feels crazy that we're nearing the end of 2016 (and that it's time for rounding up the most popular travel posts on Go Seek Explore), but here we are!

It's been a great year in general and travel-wise, and I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store.

Here are 10 most visited posts on Go Seek Explore written in 2016:

1. The Ultimate List of Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World

Go Seek Explore is a movement about creating a work + travel lifestyle. You either find a way or make a way to travel. Work in travel to your schedule or create your own source of income that allows you to travel.

Currently at 15,800 shares on social media, this is definitely my most popular post. It's no surprise to me as to why it gets plenty of traffic as it not only lists and explains travel jobs, but categorizes them into sections of how you're traveling (ex: working while traveling vs. being based somewhere).

I've recently updated the list too - so if you read it a while back, make sure to click back through for more information and helpful links! 

2. How I Traveled To 8 Places in 2015 (Despite Working Full-Time)

Written on January 1, 2016, this was a recap of all eight trips I took in 2015...while holding a full-time job! For each trip I said whether it was over a weekend, holiday, or vacation time.

I also explained how I was able to travel internationally (my China trip) for two weeks even though I hadn't accrued all my vacation time yet!

3. How To Make Friends in a Foreign Country (7 Ways To Meet People Abroad)!

I'm happy this post did well this year and I hope it helped ease some nerves for anyone considering moving abroad!

Solo travel is one thing, but moving or going somewhere for an extended period of time where you know no one can be intimidating.

The post include practical ways to meet people and make friends around the world!

4. What Essentials To Pack in Your Carry-On

Everything you need to know about carry-on luggage, and the essentials you must not forget when you travel!

5. Answers To The 18 Most Common Questions on Getting Paid To Travel The World

This is a meaty, informational, and very helpful post! It's no surprise that it comes in at number five on the list.

6. 5 Travel Hacking Tips For Meeting the Minimum Spending

Travel hacking (the strategic usage of earning airline miles from credit card sign-up bonuses) can be complicated, but if you do it right, you can get free or super cheap flights around the world. (My flight from the US to Bali cost me only $5.60 and 40,000 miles)!

This post covers a few ways you can hack your spending to meet the sign-up bonus without spending extra.

Also, since I know some people can't utilize travel hacking due to the types of credit cards in their country, I compiled a list of flight search engine websites for finding great flight deals in this post, too.

7. 8 Great Travel Hacks!

Some helpful travel hacks (not to be confused with "travel hacking") for packing, money, and getting wifi abroad.

8. How To Travel For Free...ASAP!

Another post on getting creative with how you travel so you can travel for free/almost free. These are genuine ways to get your travel expenses covered, too - it's not clickbait!

9. Use "Vacation Hacking" To Travel More

If you're working full-time or are in school and have a restricted schedule, this post is for you! These are some helpful tips to utilize those 52 weekends per year and maximize your travel.

10. 22 Practical & Inspirational Travel Tips

Coming in at number 10 as the 10th most visited 2016 post, this is a compilation of some of my favorite travel tips. I went a different route by combining both practical and inspirational in the same post, but sometimes you need to balance the two out!