Returning From Study Abroad: What Next?


This article was originally published on The College Tourist.

Back to your home campus after a semester abroad...

If your study abroad is nearing an end this semester, it can be tough to think about going back to “normal” life back home on campus and resuming things as they were before you left. Though you know that while things will be the same back home, you have changed – traveling has allowed you to grow and experience so much over these past few months.

Even though you may in denial during the last few days abroad before that long-haul flight home, realize that while this is ending, it doesn’t have to be the end of your travels. Use your upcoming breaks off of school to see how you can fit in future trips, or even consider traveling after you graduate. Ice Cream shop lights

Winter Break

If you studied abroad in the fall, you have the option of extending your travels for a few more weeks – this is a great way to spend more time in the region while you’re already over there. Maybe your family will meet you for the holidays and you can spend it doing something completely new.

If you go home right at the end of your program, spend some time adjusting to being back home, seeing friends, and maybe even taking some short trips/road trips before you head back to campus for spring semester. Elba Island

Spring Break

With a week off of school, take a break and relax after a stressful few weeks of midterms. Did you make friends from other schools while you were abroad? This is the perfect opportunity to get together for a reunion! Black and white party

Be a Tourist In Your College Town

Take a break from your regular routine of going to the same places by trying something new one weekend. Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, event, or heading to a different part of town, going to a new place will feel refreshing and different – something you constantly came across while you were traveling abroad.



Summer is awesome because you have months off before school starts back up again in the fall. Consider applying for internships in new cities (New York? DC? Chicago? Yes, please!) or volunteering in a foreign country. Even a quick trip somewhere will be the perfect getaway before the fall semester starts up again. London


The number one question everyone will be asking you senior year of college is, “What are you doing after graduation?” This time will be one of the most open-ended periods of your life and is the perfect time to travel. Whether you take a road trip, go backpacking around Europe or Southeast Asia, or take a celebratory trip with your college friends, this is the time to make memories before heading into the workforce.

Interested in traveling long-term? Working abroad, volunteering, and doing Peace Corps are a few of many ways you can travel, earn money, and build up your resume.