Makeup/Beauty Tips For Travelers


If you're like me (or most girls) you probably like to bring your makeup with you on trips. Just because you're not at home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your typical beauty routine! I've compiled plenty of tips on how to pack your products as well as tips on makeup for traveling. •Dear sad You, life awaits•

Packing Your Makeup & Beauty Products

-You don't need to pack your whole bathroom into your suitcase. When you're traveling, packing light is key and makes everything easier. Plus, having extra space means more room for goodies on your trip! When you're deciding on makeup and hair products, think: Do I actually use this every day? Will I actually use this on my trip? If the answer is no, leave it behind. Chances are you'll completely forget about it. The last thing you want is to have a giant bottle of hairspray, a ton of extra eye shadow palettes, and full-size shampoo bottles taking up space in your luggage, especially when you don't use them.

- To minimize space, use travel size bottles. I take a tube or two of travel size toothpaste, and if I don't use the whole tube, I throw it out. Since I like to use a certain type of shampoo and conditioner for my hair that doesn't come in travel size, I get the plastic empty bottles from Target for $1 and take the amount I need with me.

- If you're traveling with a friend, coordinate on stuff you can share. Do you both need to bring a flat iron? Maybe one of you brings the flat iron and the other brings the curling iron. Could you share shampoo? Toothpaste?

- Always put your liquids in ziploc bags. The last thing you'll feel like dealing with when arriving to your destination is buying a whole new wardrobe because your pink strawberry scented shaving cream exploded and stained all your clothes.

- Another tip for liquids: put a piece of plastic wrap over the opening of the bottle, secure with a rubber band, and screw the cap on over it. This helps ensure minimal leaks.

- If you're traveling long-term, there's no need to stock up on a huge amount of product before you head over (that is, unless you're totally attached to it and won't be able to find it in your new country). Many countries have Sephora, department stores with beauty sections, or other makeup/beauty shops. Grocery stores often sell similar toiletries like they do in the US. Check before you go so you don't have weigh your luggage down with 10 pounds of lotion and five large tubes of toothpaste.

- Take advantage of pockets or compartments in your suitcase. On my suitcase, I have a small outer pocket that I put most of my liquids in. This makes it extra safe for not leaking onto my stuff, but also makes it easy to take out when I go through security.


Makeup and Beauty Tips for Traveling

- For nail polish, light colors tend to show less when chipping, so you can make your mani/pedi last longer. If you need to do touch-ups, bring your bottle with you - it's small and doesn't take up much space!

- If you got a spray tan before your beach vaycay and you want to stretch the life of the tan, make sure to moisturize daily with lotion. For showering with a spray tan, avoid exfoliating, and when you towel off, pat instead of rubbing to avoid smears and loss of color.

- Protect your face with one less item to bring - if your foundation has SPF in it, then you don't necessarily need to bring a bottle of face sunscreen.

- If you have a long flight, layover, or you just didn't want to use the icky hostel shower to wash your hair, wear a hat. Baseball caps and beanies pack well. Headbands, hair ties, or bobby pins are other alternatives to help on a dirty hair day.

-  For summer trips, bring bug spray. I brought a mini bottle with me to Florence and it saved my skin! (Florence, Italy especially has a ton of mosquitoes in the summertime). If I forgot to wear bug spray out at night, I'd wake up the next morning with over 30 bug bites. I am not kidding - I still have a few scars. One of the best creams I'd always bring for bug bites is a small tube of Cortizone. It helps reduce redness, swelling, and itching, so I use it for bug bites, breakouts, dry skin, etc.

- Instead of my normal face wash, I use makeup remover wipes when traveling. Luckily, my skin isn't prone to breakouts, so I don't have to use a specific skincare routine. If you're going somewhere (or multiple places) where the water is different than what you're used to at home, then chances are your skin won't be used to it either. Makeup remover wipes clean and moisturize skin sans-water so you can avoid unwanted breakouts.

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