How To Use Travel Adapters

Confused on how travel adapters work so you can use your electronics while traveling internationally? This post and video tutorial goes over exactly what you need to know!

How To Use Travel Adapters

How to use travel adapters! This post takes away the confusion from using travel adapters or converters, especially for first-time travelers. Make sure to click through and watch the video tutorial!

It's important to know the difference between a travel adapter and converter before you leave so you are capable of using your electronics while traveling...and so you don't blow out your hair dryer!

These tips are for our beginner travelers, or those traveling for the first time to a foreign country that uses different electricity.

Once you understand how adapters work around the world, it's really simple to remember.

Always make sure to check the voltage of your electronics and look up the voltage of the countries you're traveling to on Google.

Most of the time your chargers for your smartphone, laptop, camera, etc. can work anywhere, but hair appliances (especially older ones) are typical culprits that may not work with an adapter. You can find ones that will work before you travel, or buy a new one when you arrive at your destination.

I explain it ALL in this video - how to understand voltage/voltage range, the difference between travel adapters and converters, and a quick lifesaver tip if you forget to bring an adapter!

Also, adapters tend to be pretty cheap! Here are the adapters I showed in the video: 

Adapters set (US to international):
US to Europe Adapter:
Multi-USB Port:

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