"Forget all the reasons it won't work and believe the one reason why it will" - 4 Reasons why you may be getting in your own way

"Forget all the reasons it won't work and believe the one reason why it will" - 4 Reasons why you may be getting in your own way

4 Reasons why you may be getting in your own way with your travel goals // goseekexplore.com

Struggling to accomplish your goals? Feel like you're getting in your own way?

If you're looking for a subtle kick in the butt to get you moving, or even understand why you're struggling to achieve your goals at this moment, look no further.

For those of you tired of making excuse after excuse, here are four reasons why you may be getting in your own way and preventing yourself from moving toward your goals.

Here's why some people do this:

4 Reasons why you may be getting in the way of your own goals | goseekexplore.com

1) Sense of "security" if it doesn't work out"I knew it was tough to accomplish anyways"

2) Fear of having it work out - if it does go well, then they may have to make a change. Even if the change is for the better and aligned with what they want, change is not always comfortable, and they're trying to protect themselves from being uncomfortable.

3) Laziness. They want something, but instead of going after it, they'd instead prefer to make excuses of why it won't work out so they don't feel accountable. If you're lazy about getting something done, you don't truly want it to happen.

4) Self-doubt. They doubt their capabilities, getting pushed down by expectations, negative opinions from family or friends, societal "norms," or their own negative self-talk, instead of realizing their incredible potential that is waiting to be released.

This is why it is important to not sabotage yourself when you're trying to make something happen, like creating a work + travel lifestyle or working on a side hustle.

Focus on the positive - on the reason(s) why it will work out - and get the negative out of your head.

Like attracts like, and if you're focused on the positive, you will attract the positive. :)

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