Why Spending Money on Experiences vs. Things Makes Us Happier

How travel makes us happy and why spending money on experiences vs. things makes us happier in the long run

You’re on Instagram and see the most beautiful photo of a beach in Thailand.

You click through and see this traveler’s feed of beautiful image after image, with a link to their latest blog post - perhaps something like a beginner's guide to traveling Southeast Asia.

I can do this too! you think to yourself.

So as you get inspired by all the information this person has, you start planning your trip: when you’re going. What beaches you’re going to. The amazing food you’re going to try. The cool people you’ll meet. 

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All of a sudden, you get this surge of excitement in anticipation of your travel plans, because it's going to be freaking AWESOME.

And if you're one of the few that actually follow through on your travel goals, then you've experienced that surge of happy culture shock and the excitement that comes with a satisfying yet exhausting day exploring a new place.

Why Spending Money on Experiences versus Things Makes Us Happier

Why spending money on travel makes us HAPPIER :)

When the coolest pair of shoes or the latest Apple TV come out, it's tempting to want to spend your hard-earned paycheck on such things.

Later on, once the excitement wears off from your new "thing," it becomes just this regular thing you use or see every day. For some stuff you buy, you stop caring about it after a month! (I've definitely been there...)

It's not that you shouldn't buy things - not at all - it's that if you're shopping for happiness you should look to the world instead of the nearest mall.

It's fact that spending money on experiences make us happier than spending money on material items. 

It's why that surge of excitement simply thinking about future travel plans makes us happy.

Now imagine actually going on that trip you've been thinking about! 😍

How spending money on travel makes us happier than buying material things :)

The thing is, you can make that dream trip happen. With dedication and commitment, you can work up to your travel goals.

YOU can be one of the few that follow through.

I know you can!

Here's what usually happens...we often see photos and videos of people with these aspirational images: Instagram feeds filled with lust-worthy travel photos for that future vacation. “Dream Home” boards on Pinterest.

Social media accounts - especially Tumblr and Pinterest - tend to showcase our aspirations and often show us what our deepest desires are.

Instagram: @molliemacbutter

Is travel a big part of your social media accounts? Does the idea of taking off to Southeast Asia or South America or Australia or anywhere-but-home make you excited?

Most people will keep this dream/aspiration/whatever you want to call it as a “reach” and not do anything about it.

It’s like watching a sweet travel video on YouTube, saying “Wow that’s amazing, I want to do that,” and the farthest you get is sharing it on Facebook. 

When there comes a point where you get fed up with seeing other people do the things you want to do and living the life you want to live...that’s when you’re onto something.

Become uncomfortable with getting too comfortable.

When you become uncomfortable being comfortable is the true moment where you move from one stage to the next. You have the potential for massive growth toward achieving your goals.

Now if you’re at that stage of being uncomfortable with being too comfortable, then I encourage you to go after it. 

Why traveling makes us happier than buying material items

Got negative self-talk right now? Who's to say you can't make your goals happen?!

Sometimes we have that thought in our heads saying, "Someone like me can't just go out and travel the world," but if you're having that thought you've already lost. You've got to push past it. 

There's no reason why you aren't as capable as anyone else.

Before you say, "I'm not as capable of traveling as rich people," go read this guide and come back here.

What is your dream travel destination? What is one thing you're going to do today to get closer to turning that dream trip into a reality? Let me know! I love reading your responses.